Tuesday 22 March 2011

Post-it Super Sticky Label Pads

Post-it notes are one of those simple little things that I wonder how we ever lived without. I use them for a variety of reasons, both at home and at work, including :

- recycling box folders, when they need a new label because they're now being used to file something completely different

- sticking important messages in the middle of the bathroom mirror or the computer monitor so that I'm 100% certain that Madhouse Daddy Mike will spot it first thing !

- adding little notes to recipes in cookery books that need tweaking but before I've got the final improvements finalised

-adding monthly reminders to the calendar so they can be moved over to the next month without rewriting it all

- jotting down shopping lists that I stick to my purse so I can't forget what I need when I rush out of the door

- sticking an important but one-off phone number (for example, for phoning a pupil's parent or parcel delivery man) to the back of my mobile phone when I haven't had time to phone

- for sticking on the inside of kitchen cupboards to remind me what's in there that needs using up (especially useful for spices and sachets of dried fruit)

- putting the date on Tupperware boxes of leftovers in the fridge so I can remember how long they've been in there

If you have any other brilliant uses I haven't thought of, let me know !

So what's so special about these new Super Sticky Post-it notes that I was sent to review, I hear you ask ? 3M explain : "The back of each label is fully coated with the Post-it brand Super Sticky repositionable adhesive. This means that the labels not only stick securely to just about anything, but they can also be easily removed without leaving a mark. So, when there is another sort-out and everything is labeled again, the old labels can be cleanly removed and folders, boxes or files will look as good as new. A neat, perforated tab at the side of each Label Pad also makes them super quick and easy to use. Simply write on the label, use the tab to peel it from the pad and stick it firmly in place, whilst tearing off the perforated tab completely."

They really do live up to their promises. They stick really well, even when used on a vertical surface, but are easy to remove and reposition, without leaving marks or ripping paper or cardboard surfaces. And they also come in a lovely selection of sizes and colours (yellow, white, pink, green, orange, blue) which make colour-coding and organising a doddle, as well as looking very pretty !

star rating : 5/5

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  1. they r grt :)I leave one for my daughter-when yr older do the washing up x

  2. i just love post it notes !!!
    the older kids even do their xmas list by sticking them to the pages in the argos book so i dont miss anything they may want lol

    you have quite a few uses that i had never thought of too :) so thanks x


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