Wednesday 9 March 2011

JML Grip Lites - be seen, be safe !

As I just mentioned in my review (here) of the Me Finder kiddie wristband, we're off out to a children's Mardi Gras carnival ball this afternoon and, with 6000 kids expected to be running amok in a huge exhibition centre, keeping everyone safe and easy to find is the top priority of the day. As well as the Me Finder, we will also be using the Grip Lites from JML.

It may not look like it in the pack shot but you get two identical stretchy silicon bands conatining two battery compartments fitted with LED lights - one red and one white. There's a little S-shaped double-ended hook allowing you to fasten the lights to - well, just about anything really. For me, the idea that instantly leapt out at me was attaching them to Pierre's pushchair for when we have to walk home from the childminder's house at twilight or first thing in the morning when it's not yet light.

For carnival this afternoon, the girls want to use them as part of their costume, almost as a fashion accessory, because they love the flashing lights ! You can choose between a fixed light (one press) or flashing light (two presses) but they are also glow-in-the-dark which the girls love, but which also makes them dead easy to find in the bottom of a rucksack or handbag.

There are dozens of possible uses for these lights. On the JML website, they say : "Grip Lites from JML can grip onto nearly anything. Attach them to your bicycle, your bag, your dog’s collar, a pram or even your shoe laces. The super bright LED light has two settings, either a constant beam or a flashing light. And because they glow in the dark it’s always quick and easy to find them.With their special silicone construction and clip system, Grip Lites can be attached and removed in seconds so you can get on your way quickly."

The girls think they are really funky so are over the moon to attach them to their bikes, bags or even just hold them and wave them around, so in wintertime, when we go to school in the dark and come home from the childminder's in the dark, they will be an absolute Godsend. For this afternoon, 9-year-old Sophie has informed me they'll be using them as "distress signals" - the flashing light means "we can't find you" and the fixed light just means they're having fun. It's a great way to help them be more visible, for anxious parents or more importantly car drivers.

There's a video on the JML website that shows that they are almost indestructible, which is great. One word of warning - I have told the girls never to point it directly at people's eyes because it is a very powerful beam.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £7.99

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  1. These look fantastic and really cheap too.

    They would be great for when we go camping - a dark field at 2am when you're doing the loo run is never fun!!!

    I can see loads of uses for these from those you've already listed to things like having one in the car in case you break down so you can see under the bonnet, camping as I've already mentioned and even just to keep one in the house at hand for those power cuts!!

  2. what a great idea, they do look slightly funny but if it keeps you safer who cares! love JML stuff too

  3. OMG I've never seen those before - quite comical I think - I dont quite know what to make of them????

  4. They really do work, I attach them to my dogs (two of them) collar at night and I can see them for a good distance. They also look vaguely like the Olympic Mascot (of bizarre note)!

    1. Ooh I'd never thought of attaching them to dogs, that's a great idea - it would be easier to locate them at the bottom of the garden too !


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