Friday 4 March 2011

Morphy Richards £4 Slow Cooker Challenge recipe #2 : Beef Carbonnade

I thought it was about time I shared another recipe with you for the Morphy Richards £4 Slow Cooker Challenge. I also created a "slow cooking" label to make it easier to find all the slow cooker blogposts - just click on the "slow cooker" label at the bottom of this post or in the sidebar on the right and they'll all be grouped together for you. How simple is that ?!

But on to the recipe. Beef carbonnade is basically the Northern French/Belgian version of Beef in Ale and it's a brilliant dish for cooking in the slow cooker. Now, it may not look pretty or refined but it is packed full of flavour and the meat becomes melt-in-the-mouth tender in the slow cooker.

Beef Carbonnade

Ingredients :

500g pack of beef (cheap cuts are fine - stewing steak or whatever is on special offer) - £2.20
3 large onions - 30p
6 carrots - 30p
6 mushrooms - 20p
250ml dark beer (ale/brown ale type) - £1
2 stock cubes
salt, pepper
olive oil

Brown the beef on all sides. Don't worry about chopping it up - it will fall apart as it stews. You can roll it in flour before you start to brown it to add flavour and thicken up the sauce a bit.

Peel and chop into large pieces the carrots, onions (chop into quarters) and mushrooms (halve them).

Crumble over the two stock cubes, season with salt and pepper and pour over the beer.

Leave to cook for at least 5 or 6 hours.

Serve with bread, rice or potatoes as desired. (In France/Belgium, it's traditionally served with chips !)

I'm joining in with the World Cup recipe challenge over on the Cooking Around The World blog

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  1. Melt-in-the mouth tender and dark beer. I'll take it. Thank you!

  2. Margaret Clarkson
    Lovely recipe, thank you.


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