Wednesday 16 March 2011

Galt Make Your Own Perfume Kit

Hands up who has fond childhood memories of making "perfume" by crushing up rose petals in water ! It was always great fun but it never used to smell of anything much and afte a couple of days, it just smelt of mouldy roses ! Well, according to the Galt Toys blog, you're supposed to add a splash of vodka - maybe that's where I was going wrong all those years ago !

When Galt Toys said they were looking for bloggers to review their Make Your Own Perfume Kit, I jumped at the chance because I knew Sophie would love it. She loves girlie-girlie make up/nail varnish/perfume/hair accessories and she also loves being creative so this kit combines the best of both worlds. Having used various Galt creative kits in the past, I always love the fact that the instructions are child-friendly and really clear so that kids can have fun and create beautiful things without constantly asking for help which invariably leads to frustration and spoils the fun.

The Make Your Own Perfume Kit contains five fragrances -Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Apple, Strawberry and Vanilla - which you can combine to make your very own unique perfume. I love the fruity ones but even the floral scents, which aren't usually my cup of tea, are lovely when combined with the fruity notes. 9-year-old Sophie absolutely loves the heart-shaped perfume bottles and the stickers to customise them, as well as using the pipettes to carefully measure out the different perfume mixes. Galt give you some "recipes" to try out but you can also get creative and mix them up however you want to create your own unique scent.

This is a great Mum-daughter gift and teaches your kids about sharing and giving things back, as I gave the kit to Sophie but now she's creating me a special perfume for Mothers' Day. And very proud of it she is too ! It's absolutely top secret so she won't tell me what she's put in it until she's given it to me. It's now carefully hidden away in her secret drawer (that I'm not supposed to know about !) in her room.

If you're wistfully shaking your head and muttering "it's not as good as in the olden days, making it up from scratch with rose petals", you'll be pleased to know that the guide also tells you how to make perfume using flowers from the garden.

I can't wait until mothers' day to discover my totally unique gift and I'm sure I'll love it more than any expensive perfume I can buy in the shops ! If it's too sweet or heady to actually be worn as perfume, I'll use it to reactivate the pot pourri around the house !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £10.99

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  1. Oh this looks great! an outlet for my own 11yo daughter who loves to make 'potions' and generally experiment and make a mess!

    With this and a science kit she will rule the world! bwahahahahahahahaha!

  2. This review was really interesting and apt for me as my sister is always looking for new ideas to keep my niece entertained and this would be perfect for her. Thanks, I shall let her know about this :)

  3. This looks fab!I too was a rose petal crusher when I was younger :)

    My daughter is only 4 but loves purfume and loves making things so this would be great and it means mummy can have fun making purfume too!

  4. Sounds fab - I love buying myself stuff like this at christmas so I have things to do.
    That and those little scratch art kits.

  5. Ooh I used to love those scratch art kits, haven't done those for years !

    Glad to see I'm not the only mummy who enjoys doing kids stuff too !! :-)

  6. I bet my daughter would live one of these!

  7. my daughter is a bit young for this at the moment but i am sure she would love it all the same! I would have loved this when i was a child!

  8. I bought this for my friends little girl at christmas she thought it was fab she made me a small bottle of Rose perfume too!

  9. Wow, and the memories come flooding back....! Yes, I too made purfume from rose petals - used to drive my dad nuts when he'd see his treasured roses without heads lol! I used to decorate old jam jars and me and my friends tried to sell it in the front street - but no buyers!

    Yes, it is amazing what little kits they bring out these days and they are all such great value for money too! I have recently bought a kit to make coasters - the children had to paint on glass squares and I 'set' the paint in the oven. I've also bought (for the girls) kits like, make your own jewellery, paint your own money box, make your own hair bands, brooches, make and decorate your own Easter eggs, biscuits, cakes... to name but a few... There seems to be less kits out for the boys however, which I think is such a shame.

    I often biy the kits from the ELC to make cards for Easter, Christmas, etc.. which come with all the glitter, sequins, glue etc.

    You are right - these kits encourage parents/adults to interact with their children and are the products/outcome are always rewarding.

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  11. This is a great review of the Galt Make Your Own Perfume Kit ! It sounds like a fun and creative activity that would be perfect for moms and daughters. The kit includes everything you need to create your own unique perfume, including five fragrances, blank perfume bottles, and stickers. I can imagine how much fun kids would have experimenting with different scents and creating their own signature perfume. This perfume making kit sounds like a great gift idea for any creative child.


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