Sunday 13 March 2011

Kiwi Kids Kit to care for your kids' shoes

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Aaaggghh kids' shoes ! Always good for an argument when we fork out on an expensive pair (or three) for school and within a week, they're all scuffed ! Madhouse Daddy Mike always goes ballistic but I can remember being a kid and doing the same thing so I tend to just see it as one of those things. And then there's all that puddle-jumping and running around in muddy fields and kicking dirty footballs, not to mention falling over every now and then and all that kneeling down playing with marbles and exchanging SillyBandz and goodness knows what else the kids get up to in the school playground.

Well, those clever people at Kiwi have come up with a Kids Kit which contains all the products you'll need to clean and protect your kids' shoes and they kindly sent us one to try out. The packaging is very cute and really appeals to the girls, who frequently go and get it and ask me to clean their shoes - hmmm I just have to get them to care for their own shoes and I'll be laughing !

Inside the kit, you get three products, designed to clean but also extend the life of your kids' shoes. First up is the Quick Shine Sponge, for "adding instant shine to kids’ shoes". I love this for those quick last minute panics when you suddenly see how filthy your kids' shoes are (or your own - I've been using it on my work shoes too !) just as you're heading out of the door. It's great for getting rid of dust and adding shine so they look freshly polished without any effort at all.

But what if your kids are permanently kicking about in trainers at the weekend ? Well, that's no problem as there is also a Trainer Cleaner, which promises to remove dirt and stains. Juliette has white trainers and they are constantly grimy from playing outside. I usually give them a quick swipe with a baby wetwipe to clean them up a bit, but the Trainer Cleaner did actually get them noticeably cleaner and whiter so they looked much newer. The effect was much less impressive on Sophie's black trainers - I'm sure it worked just as well, it's just that we couldn't see.

The third and final product is Easy Scuff Cover – "a waterproof wax-rich formation to protect and restore the colour of kids’ shoes". If you remember the tins of shoe polish and the hassle of trying to find something to use to apply it with, you can forget all that. This is dead easy because it comes in a bottle with a sponge attachment that makes it not only a doddle but also much less messy. I've used this type of polish in the past and love how easy it is to use. This polish seems thicker than some of the other brands I've used which probably explains why it covers scuff marks so well - again, I've been using it on my shoes as well as the kids' !

The whole kit, containing the three products, retails at £6 which seems very good value to me, although I haven't checked how that compares to buying the products individually. It's great to have everything in one kit too as it's much easier to locate exactly what you need for a last minute shoe clean-up operation as you're heading out of the door for the school run !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £6

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  1. What great idea for the shoe and i hope you continue with it.

  2. nice poly bag and your idea is really nice i love this post.

  3. Good idea - but would be interested to see the cost of the individual products (and of course buying them separately would mean less packaging).

  4. Great idea, and i think the biggest selling feature, is that its all together. Kinda cute bag too!

  5. this is a great idea ..and i think the biggest selling feature..........

  6. this is a Good idea - but would be interested to see the cost of the individual products.....


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