Wednesday 9 March 2011

Copella Wedges

When I was asked if I'd like a pack of Copella Wedges to try out with the kids, I was keen to give them a go as it's a brand I was unfamiliar with. I was expecting the usual fruit juice drink made from concentrate with added sugar and probably artificial colours and preservatives too.

However, when the Copella Wedges arrived, I was pleasantly surprised. As the company explains: "All Copella apples are freshly pressed and bottled on Boxford Farm, Suffolk where they have been doing so for the past 40 years." The juice contains no added sugars, colours, sweeteners or flavours, and as if that's not enough, each carton also counts as one of the 5-a-day which is brilliant news.

But on to the taste. Copella Wedges come in two flavours, English Apple and Apple & Elderflower, and we loved them so much after a receiving a pack to review that we headed straight out and bought the other flavour to try those too ! They are both really appley, natural tasting and refreshing and the elderflower adds a lovely zing. The taste appeals to both adults and children so they wedges are great for picnics, as well as ideal for school lunchboxes.

The wedge shape of the carton actually seems very well-designed for little fingers as it is easier to hold on to and seems more stable, presumably as the centre of gravity is lower, so they seem to get knocked over less easily.

The only downside is the fact that it's quite pricey, relative to other pure juice drinks, but this is certainly a case of getting what you pay for. You really can't fault the quality.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £2.49 for 4 cartons

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