Friday 4 March 2011

Rimmel London VIP review : Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation

As a Rimmel London VIP, I frequently get sent lovely goodies in the post to try out and give my feedback on. As they say, all comments are welcome, good or bad, so I'm not just going to say nice things about them because they're generous enough to send me free products ! Honesty is the best policy, after all !

The first thing they sent me this year was their brand new Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation which launched in January. The first thing I love is the name. As a busy mum-of-three in full time work, I often feel like I've tried to fit at least 25 hours into each day, and that's without counting the hours I spend asleep, so it sounds right up my street ! I barely have time to put make up on in the morning - in fact, I frequently go to work totally bare-faced - so I certainly haven't got time to keep checking my face in the mirror during the day to make sure my foundation hasn't gone patchy.

That's actually one of the reasons that often make me avoid foundation, because it can all go so horribly wrong. It can go patchy or, if you've chosen the wrong shade, make you look either like a ghost or the You've-been-Tangoed orange ! Well, there's a large choice of shades available for the Rimmel foundation, six in fact : Ivory, True Ivory, Soft Beige, True Nude, Classic Beige, Natural Beige. If you're not sure which shade you need (and I can never tell which ones are lightest or darkest just from the names, as they're so similar), the best thing to do is have a try with a tester in-store but you can get a vague idea on the website. I chose True Nude and I'm very pleased with how natural it looks when blended in. It looks like my natural skin tone just evened out, minus the imperfections and slight redness on my cheeks.

Coverage-wise, it does a good job. I don't wear foundation every day but in the past, I've found that my skin feels dried out with the foundation caked-on over the top. Not so with this one. My skin actually felt supple and refreshed, almost as if I'd just applied a tinted hydrating lotion. Reading the label, it is "enriched with a revitalizing Mineral Complex and moisturising Aqua Primer", which is presumably why it feels so light and refreshing on your face.

The foundation claims to be "sweat, heat, humidity and transfer proof for up to 25 hours" and I can add rain-proof to that list too ! It actually felt like it had created a slightly protective covering that shielded my skin from the elements during the recent cold snap and I certainly had none of the usual redness on my face from the cold and wind after waiting at the bus stop in the morning.

The pump action bottle makes it really easy to dispense and I like the stand-up bottle that sits on the bathroom shelf (and can stay there all day as I don't need to touch it up).

As someone who has frequently avoided using foundation in the past, this is one that could seriously make me change my mind and change my make-up routine.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £6.99

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  1. I use this foundation, for me, it is excellent :)

  2. How do you get to be a VIP? I register with them, and I received a nail polish, because I entered their giveaway... Is this what you mean? Thank you!

  3. No, last summer they were looking for 50 people to become Rimmel London VIPs and test/blog about their products. Follow them on twitter and facebook and maybe they'll recruit some more :)


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