Thursday 3 March 2011

Tefal Actifry Doesn't Just Do Chips ! : Apple Wedges with Apricot

I've been having great fun trying out different recipes in the Actifry this week - I never dreamed it was so versatile - but this dessert recipe really caught my eye. The recipe is really simple but delicious - and you even get a sneak peek of the Easiyo ice cream we made (review to follow).

If you want to try out these apple wedges, you just need to peel and quarter (what do you call it when you chop it into eight - eighther ?!) six apples. (Our funky apple slicer/corer from Oxo Good Grips did it in double quick time - I highly recommend you check out that review here, just for the look on Juliette's face when the apple magically sprung into perfect segments !)

Coat the apple in oil and let the Actifry work it's magic for 12 minutes, add some chopped dried apricots, cook for a few minutes more and that's it. Serve sprinkled with sugar/cinnamon, or - as we did - with vanilla ice cream. Yum !

The apple wedges cooked in the Actifry have a slightly strange texture - they're drier and spongier than stewed apple, kind of like a cross between stewed apple and dried apple slices. Then the cooked dried apricots add some wonderful gooeyness and sweetness.

It got a big thumbs up from all three kids, and me too, because it's a quick and healthy dessert that you can knock up in 1/2 hour.

To make it easier, I've added a special "Actifry" label so that you can discover all our other Actifry experiments with one simple click (at the bottom of the review). Please feel free to share any of your own inventions in the comments box  and I'll happily try them out !

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  1. Great review! I've considered buying one of these myself but didn't think it would actually work! Your reveiw has convinced me otherwise....desserts in a fryer, whatever next? lol

  2. Fantastic review for what looks like a fantastic product, now if I only had a fantastic bank balance, I'd buy one right now.

  3. looks great, i always see these on the shopping channels and wonder if they're up to much x

  4. I have to admit, I thought it would be a gadget that got used a few times then shoved in the back of the cupboard but no, we're still using it regularly, for chips and all sorts. :)


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