Friday 4 March 2011

Savlon plasters

You might think that play habits have changed over the years with the advent of TV and computer games dominating today’s society. But research, commissioned by Savlon last year, just showed how much good old fashioned fun the great outdoors can actually be for our youngsters, as over half of the kids surveyed revealed that playing outside was ‘more exciting than playing indoors’ and a third saw it as a ‘a big adventure’. Top findings included :

- 92% of kids would be ‘very upset’ or ‘upset’ if they weren’t allowed to play outside

- 62% of youngsters would rather play outside with friends than stay indoors watching TV or playing computer games

- 52% of kids think playing outdoors is more exciting than playing indoors

Well, during half term this last week, the girls have been constantly asking to play outside, on their bikes, scooters or just generally running around, playing with a ball or a skipping rope. Even 19-month-old Pierre has been practising kicking a ball around ! The trouble has been that it has been bitterly cold so after half an hour, it's been time to come back in, cheeks flushed and burning with the cold, to drink a warming cup of hot chocolate.

Luckily, today the sun came out so we headed off to the park. The girls had great fun looking for ladybirds - there were dozens of them ! I'm sure it's not warm enough for them (which probably explains why there were so many dead ones !) but they enjoyed it nevertheless ! Needless to say, all that playing on swings and slides and climbing frames inevitably led to a few bumps and bruises, but that's just all a part of growing up, in my book.

As you can see, Sophie got a lovely bruise on her knee after falling off her scooter, and Juliette told me that "she wore her foot out" from running around too much ! As any parent knows, all that was needed was a sympathetic hug (they've outgrown magic mummy kisses already) and the all important plaster. They don't care if the plasters have got pictures on them, if they're waterproof or fabric, all that matters is that they get the trophy-plaster to show that they are "seriously" injured !

Here you go - all better ! You can't see their top halves but they had huge grins on their faces after sticking on their plasters !

Savlon had kindly sent us a couple of packs of their plasters to try out - the fabric ones I remember from my own childhood and their Advanced plasters for faster healing, which contain a special ingredient that can control bleeding and therefore speed up the start of the healing process. I have to say, after using "cheapie" plasters for a while, I could tell the difference going back to a big brand because they actually stayed on all night rather than coming off in the bed halfway through the night (which always results in a soggy dirty plaster or three in the washing machine filter when you wash the sheets !)

star rating : 5/5

RRP : Advanced Plasters - £1.74 for 10, £2.60 for 20 ; Fabric Plasters - £1.75 for 24

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  1. i always ponder over the plasters in the supermarket .. is it really worth spending the extra on 'decent' plasters when in all honesty 3/4 of the time they arent really needed to protect a wound and the main use is to stem the flow of tears and as you say the trophy plaster to gain sympathy

    i think i will prob stick to the cheapies for the sympathy vote but may well buy some of these for the 'real' wounds :)


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