Saturday 5 March 2011

Spa Paradisa Lip butters

It's been really cold lately and the bitter weather has been playing havoc with my lips. Here at The Madhouse, we always have a variety of lipbalms at hand - there's constantly one in my coat pocket and one on my bedside table, plus Sophie takes one to school in her canteen card-neckpurse and Mike also has one in the car - so I was really pleased when Spa Paradisa offered to send me a couple of their lip butters to try out.

The first thing I wondered was, what's the difference between a lip balm and a lip butter ? Well, presumably the ingredients. These lip butters are made with shea butter and also contain vitamin E. What they don't contain is artificial colours or parabens.

They come in lovely kitsch-but-cool little round tins, featuring exotic Polynesian-style pictures and nice bright colours guaranteed to put a smile on your face even on the gloomiest of days. The other thing that will instantly perk you up is the fragrance. They come in two gorgeous fruity varieties - Sweet Coconut or Juicy Passionfruit. The fragrances are lovely and in-yer-face in the tin (they remind me of Original Source shower gels which are great for waking up in the morning because the scent packs such a punch !) but not too intense once you put them on your lips. The Juicy Passionfruit is very sweet - some might find it too sweet - but Sophie begged me to give it to her so I relented and kept the more discreet coconut one for me.

They coat your lips in a really nice soothing, protective layer but don't feel at all sticky or greasy. I did the hair test and my hair didn't stick to my lips if I swung my head from side to side. (The things I do in the name of reviewing !) My one regret is that they don't taste fruity, but when I mentioned this to Sophie, she rolled her eyes and said "But you're not supposed to eat it, Mum" ! Only nine years old and yet so wise !!

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £3.50 for 1 or £6 for a twin-pack

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  1. These look so yummy!I really like vitamin E in my products, it IS moisturizing! Shea butter is as well!


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