Friday 30 December 2011

Advice To Help Your Kids Fight Winter Colds from Tixylix

As a teacher, I have another request, on top of the tips below - please please please teach your kids to put their hand over their mouth when they cough. I work in a secondary school and I still have to moan at teens who cough all over the place without covering their mouths  on a daily basis !


There are plenty of things to love about winter - snowy scenes, crisp mornings and cosy evenings - but coughs and sore throats are not on the winter wish list. This is especially true for children, who are more likely to catch winter bugs, and parents who suffer the woes of an unhappy child.

Sore throats are normally a symptom of bacterial or viral infections such as the common cold, which is spread either by hand or through airborne droplets released when a sufferer coughs or sneezes.

If your child suffers from a sore throat or cough this winter, then Tixylix has a range of gentle but effective products to help, including Tixylix Toddler Syrup available in a new bigger size of 150ml. Specially formulated for children aged from three months to ten years old, all products are alcohol free, have pleasant tasting fruit flavours and come with a measuring spoon to help ensure accurate dosage.

To help prevent sore throats and coughs in children, Tixylix has the following tips:
  • Ensure your child washes their hands regularly, with soap and warm water, especially after playing or going to the toilet and before meals. When hands are kept clean, germs lose their favourite way to travel, so this will help cut down the risk of picking up or passing on infections

  • If your child isn't keen on hand-washing, use a hand sanitizing gel as a fun, water-free alternative for children

  • Cold viruses spread quickly and easily among children, so make sure you put any used tissues in the bin straight away and don't leave them lying around

  • Eating fruit or vegetables may help support a healthy immune system. If your little one doesn't like eating fruit, make it more fun by giving them a rainbow of colours every day such as purple plums, blue blueberries, red tomatoes, green broccoli, yellow sweet corn and orange carrots

  • Ensure your kids drink enough fluid every day, as this will help stop them getting dehydrated and help keep their body's defences working at full-throttle

  • Make sure your kids get enough sleep, as this helps their bodies recover from the previous day. Lack of sleep can increase vulnerability to infection

  • Keep your kids active even if it is cold outside, as regular exercise will help boost immune systems

  • When children go outdoors, make sure they are dressed in layers that are wind and waterproof. If possible, opt for wool instead of cotton, as it is an excellent insulator
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  1. I much prefer natural fabrics but I would have thought cotton next to the skin would be more comfortable than wool whatever your age? I'm just coming down with New Year's Eve flu so will dutifully not cough or sneeze on anyone and regretfully not be kissing anyone at midnight!

  2. my little one catches everything! thanks for the review!


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