Tuesday 20 December 2011

Natural & Clean Spot Remover Wipes review

With three kids in the house, it's never a problem finding ways of putting new cleaning products to the test so I was really happy to receive a huge selection of products from Natural & Clean. (Look out for more reviews coming soon.)  I'd never heard of the company before discovering them on twitter (@Naturalandclean) but I was instantly won over by their "safe for people, pets and planet" claims. The first product we tried out was their Spot Remover Wipes, as modelled by Juliette !

The packaging explains that they use a unique 'active plant' formulation for gentle, effective cleaning for all spots and spills, that they are suitable for wool and fabrics (but not leather), that they have a naturally derived fragrance and that they are solvent and phosphate free.

Wandering into Juliette's bedroom, I immediately spotted the ideal target for a bit of spot removal. Naughty Pierre had decided to give her Strawberry Stables pony a makeover with a fluorescent green highlighter pen. Eeeeek ! Now, as we had received this pony for free for a review (a review that you can read here), I was actually quite chilled out about this but had we paid the £100 price tag, I would have been going ballistic !

As well as giving him some highlights in his mane and tail, there was a bit of scribbling on the shorter fur of his back (which I didn't spot until I started cleaning so I didn't take a photo of that part). Bearing in mind that these are spot remover wipes designed for cleaning stubborn spots and spills from carpets and fabrics and that the packaging shows a picture of spilt ice cream, I wasn't at all sure that they would manage to remove felt tip pen but I decided I had nothing to lose.

I was amazed to see that the wipes, which release a pleasant-smelling moist foam, were turning a very pale green as we wiped them over the areas that Pierre had attacked, detaching and absorbing the ink. Amazing ! Juliette also wanted to get involved with the pony-cleaning and, safe in the knowledge that these are kid-friendly gentle wipes, I was happy for her to use them too. The wipes did make the cleaned areas quite wet but a couple of hours later, when it had all dried out, Juliette was over the moon to discover that her pony was once again in pristine condition.

I will definitely be keeping these wipes downstairs, close at hand for any spills on the tablecloth and - dare I say it - on the rugs when Pierre's potty-training invariably causes a few spillages and accidents too ! I highly recommend getting a packet of these for emergencies over the Christmas and New Year period. I'm convinced they will be much more effective than pouring salt or white wine all over red wine that has been knocked over !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £3.43 for 25 wipes

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  1. These look great, and good to see how effective they are. Our lounge rug gets a hammering with Bud - he smeared chocolate into it yesterday - so I definitely think we would find them useful.


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