Saturday 24 December 2011

Last chance to grab your Lush Christmas Goodies in the sale starting on Boxing Day

Big news for Lush fans - they're having a fab sale staring on Boxing Day !

As they say :
LUSH’S ONE AND ONLY SALE ! Keeping It Fresh – 50% off a lot of stuff!

Starting on 26th December 2011 (Boxing Day) and until 3rd January 2012, Lush is offering a fantastic 50% off limited edition Christmas products, Christmas gifts and all year round gifts and products made before 1st October 2011 only while stocks last. So hurry as when it’s gone, it’s gone!

As you all know, Lush is all about being FRESH!! We believe in making fresh products and in using them fresh. At Christmas time, we always keep our shops full of products because come Christmas Eve we still want to make sure that every customer can buy that perfect gifts or stock up on their favourites. For this reason, our stock rooms are generally a bit fuller than any other time of year. This is the only sale we do all year, to help us keep our stock as FRESH as possible. As of January 2012, all our products in store will have been handmade in 2012, ready and waiting for you to enjoy.

This offer is available in Lush shops nationwide and online. For shop details and mail order, please call 01202 668 545, or order on- line at

I received some of the Christmas Lush products to review (after the ones we'd already reviewed here) and yet again, they're lovely to look at, lovely to sniff and lovely to throw in the bath too !

First up was this beautiful Lil' Lush Pud Bath Ballistic which looks exactly like a Christmas pudding, complete with sprig of holly. It smells absolutely gorgeous, not exactly Christmassy but a lovely fragrance that I couldn't define - a quick check on the Lush website and apparently it's marzipan - and this is also the same fragrance as the Snowcake soap. Its impressive-sounding ingredients include lemon peel powder, clove powder, rose absolute and aloe vera extract, so as well as being soothing to your soul, it's soothing to your skin. This is such a popular ballistic that its been in production for a whole decade. I've only just discovered it but I'll definitely be treating myself to one every year from now on as a Christmas me-time tradition, especially as it's only £1.95 so won't break the bank.

We also received a Superstars Bubble Bar. It has a gorgeously sweet and fruity strawberry fragrance and makes loads of bubbles for a really luxurious lather. I thought it was just the fragrance that was feel-good but it turns out that it also contains angelica root, black pepper and celery seed oils - all used in traditional medicine to combat stress, exhaustion and depression. Perfect for staving off the January blues and really good value at £2.25 because you can break it into several pieces rather than use it all in one go.

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  1. Hadn't realised that Lush did any sales ever! I love their stuff so that's good to know as they are quite pricey. Heading down there today!

  2. I hear the Lush sale is absolutely INSANE lol!

    Got a pink gift set from hubby for Christmas after lots of hints, very pleased!! :D


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