Friday 23 December 2011

Silver Spoon Easy Melt Chocolate review

I did a blogpost a while back (here), showing you our efforts with the Silver Spoon Create cake decorating range. Well, there was one product that didn't get used and that was the Easy Melt Chocolate - a sachet of real milk chocolate that you melt in a cup of hot water and use for icing biscuits, covering cakes or drizzling over cupcakes.

Well, I'd promised the girls that one of the semi-traditional things that we'd do during the first week of the Christmas holidays was a chocolate fondue. I decided to see if it would work with the Easy Melt Chocolate and rustled up an impressive selection of fresh fruit, marshmallows and biscuits to dip in the chocolate.

The chocolate really did melt easily, taking several minutes but absolutely no effort. I love the way there's no risk of it burning, as there is when you use the microwave, and there are no annoying chunks that refuse to melt, as there always are in the bain marie ! The chocolate is sweet, glossy and incredibly smooth when melted and the girls loved dipping their goodies into it. The only problem - and I admit that I hadn't actually thought of this because I usually add a little cream when melting chocolate so that it's nice and smooth - the melted chocolate that I put in a separate bowl for Pierre because he was still napping went back to totally rock hard chocolate, glued to the bottom of the bowl ! I put it in the microwave briefly but couldn't really get it back, but this means that the chocolate would be fabulous for creating crispy chocolate drizzles or pretty patterns that wouldn't run (which is, after all, what it's designed for rather than chocolate fondue !)

I'll definitely have to get some more of  these sachets to experiment with on cupcakes and cookies with the kids, especially as there's absolutely no mess if you drizzle it straight from the sachet..

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : 89p for 100g

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  1. Glad to hear the chocolate stayed tempered (i.e. went back to a solid set). I bought some of this easy-melt chocolate yesterday instead of Wilton Easy Melts for a giant cupcake I'm making next week. Looks like they will be a great alternative.

    Thanks for the review, very helpful :O)


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