Thursday 29 December 2011

Snugglebundl - the World’s first baby lifting blanket

I love sharing news of brand new products created and designed by tiny businesses trying to branch out in the wake of corporate giants, especially when they're local. Despite having brought up three babies, I'm still amazed that I can spot new inventions that make me think wow, that's a fabulous idea. The Snugglebundl is one of them. I haven't actually tried one out but the concept certainly looks good. And no, this isn't a sponsored post - I just thought it looked like a good idea that I wanted to share with you !


Two entrepreneurial Dads from Sussex, David Solomons and Mike Edwards have come up with a fantastic invention which will help new parents worldwide. The BUNDL™ (patent pending), is “the World’s first baby lifting blanket” and has already won their company Snugglebundl, The Barclays Bank Take one small step innovative new business award for the Southern region beating over 5000 entries to scoop the £50.000 prize money, and the opportunity to seriously launch their unique product to the world.

The BUNDL solves the age old problem of moving sleeping babies without waking them. The unique design means that you no longer have to bend or stoop to pick up your baby. In fact it is so easy that by using the extra strength support handles you can lift up, lay down and move your sleeping baby with just one hand without waking them and whilst keeping perfect posture.

The BUNDL works like a hammock, fully supporting the head, neck and spine whilst the soft padded hood completely protects the crown. David said “I came up with the idea because my wife had complications with the birth and I had a bad back and we struggled picking up and putting down our daughter, especially getting her in and out of the car.”

It was originally conceived and designed for Mums who had undergone caesarean births or who had birthing complications resulting in restricted movement, for parents or carers with back problems and for disabled or wheelchairs users. However, after much testing it became apparent that it was an incredibly useful and practical invention for anyone with a young baby.

The Bundl is the first product of its kind and since launching at the Brighton Baby Expo in November Snugglebundl have been inundated with amazing reviews and blessings from parents who have been using the Bundl. Mike said” It’s one of those simple ideas that you think, why hasn’t anyone thought of that before! Everybody keeps saying I wish I’d had one when we had our baby! We feel completely inspired.”

The Bundl is manufactured entirely in the UK, complies with European safety standards and is available through their website  and hopefully before to long in a shop near you.

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  1. Wow this is fantastic! Definitely worth looking at xo

  2. This is a good idea for people who may struggle to lift their baby, but i'm not sure i would want one to be honest, however i can see how it might help some people!

  3. good idea for people who struggle to lift their baby but think i agree with Deborad - not sure i would have used one


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