Thursday 29 December 2011

The Dormen Seasonal Edition Fruit & Nut Mix review

This Christmas season, The Dormen Food Company has created two special festive fruit and nut blends and we were lucky enough to receive a sachet of each to try.

Seasonal Fruit, Nut & Chocolate brings together orange flavoured cranberries, golden raisins, whole sweet and sour cherries, baked cashew & almonds and rich creamy milk chocolate.

Seasonal Fruit & Nut offers sumptuous cinnamon flavoured cranberries, Chilean and crimson raisins, baked cashews, almonds and toasted hazelnuts.

Fran Campbell, Managing Director of The Dormen Food Company, comments: 'Our seasonal blends include a little bit of everyone's favourites and are the ideal snack for the whole family to enjoy. Nuts are an integral part of Christmas celebrations and these special editions offer the perfect festive treat.' Well, they're certainly a better option than the traditional bowl of nuts and nutcrackers that break your hands and fill your mouth with gritty bits of shell !

I was amazed to see just how fresh the nuts were and how juicy and plump the dried fruits were. Each individual ingredient retains its unique flavour, which often isn't the case in dried fruit & nut mixes where it all blends together so that everything tastes the same. Even the Madhouse mini-testers - who aren't usually keen on dried fruit and nut mixes because they find them bland, dry and overly chewy - but they couldn't get enough of them ! I wasn't sure about the addition of chocolate but it does really work, giving you a more refined version of fruit & nut chocolate bars !

They are the perfect nibbles to accompany your festive and New Year drinkies but be warned, each 100g bag packs in over 400 calories. The packaging says that these were originally created for luxury hotels and they do certainly seem more indulgent and higher quality than many fruit and nut mixes that we've tried in the past, with the price tag to match.

At the moment, there is a competition advertised on the pack where you can go to to win a weekend at a 5 star hotel. With a bit of luck, they might even serve you some Dormen snacks at the bar too !

star rating : 5/5
RRP : £1.79 for 100g

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  1. Ooh, very calorific but they look nice.


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