Wednesday 28 December 2011

Annoying Monsters review

The Annoying Monsters were tipped to be one of the hottest toys this Christmas so I'm sure we're not the only ones to have given a home to one this Christmas. We received Bothersome Boris for review but there are six to collect in total, the others being Pestering Percy, Aggravating Alfred, Infuriating Igor, Irritating Ethel and Frightening Florence. I love the names and you can find out more about their characters on the Annoying Monsters website at

Despite their unusual physique - Boris has only got one eye ! - they're quite cute and the Madhouse mini-testers were instantly drawn to them. And that was before they realised all the naughty things they could do with them !

You can interact with the toy in a number of ways , poking him in the eye to make him scream (always guaranteed to make the kids giggle), touching his feet to make him laugh and - the unanimous favourite - poking him in the stomach to make him fart and burp. I thought Juliette was going to wet herself because she was laughing so much and Pierre looked at him with a big grin, then at us, then burst out laughing and prodded him again and again ! If you can drag yourself away from the toy for a few minutes, it will start noisily snoring, encouraging you to start playing with him again - and believe me, your little monsters (that's the kids, not the toys !) won't need much encouragement !

But that's still not all ! You can also record your (or your poor unsuspecting visitors') voice and hear it played back in a funny squeaky voice. Cue much hilarity when the Madhouse mini-testers made it say various "rude" words like bottom, willy and fart !

Young kids will love being to allowed to have a naughty playmate and I guarantee that the grown-ups will keep playing when the kids have gone to their beds !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £15-£20

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