Saturday 31 December 2011

New Year's Resolution Part 2 : The MuTu System

The fact that the Thinking Slimmer Slimpod has already started showing results despite my huge cynicism led me to another leap of faith when I signed up to try out the MuTu System. This is something else that I've seen an awful lot of bloggers mentioning on twitter and that I kept thinking sounded too good to be true so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and see for myself.

The introductory message on the website is very encouraging because Wendy sounds really down-to-earth and knows exactly what mums want and need. After all, as well as being a personal trainer, she is one ! She explains : "I'm Wendy, pre & postpartum exercise specialist & flatten-er of mummy tummies! Also mum to a gorgeous little boy & to a feisty little girl who might just rule the world one day... I created the MuTu® System to show you how to rediscover your waistline AND your body confidence after having children... however long ago you had them! It's a unique, proven, step by step 12 week program & video series of restorative exercises, highly effective workouts, yoga & motivational techniques that give you everything you need to flatten your mummy tummy!"

You get a pdf file to download which is your guidebook, along with a section to record your measurements, plus a weekly video showing you what you need to do. As a mum of three with a full-time job, I'm always worried about not having the time to fit in sport, but Wendy says she understands this and will work around it.

So far, I've only had a sneaky look at week 1 and watched the introductory video but I already love the no-nonsense straight talking and the fact that you're eased in slowly so you won't give up before you've even started because it's too hard, which is often the case with fitness videos for example.

The central message of MuTu (that's Mummy Tummy, if you're wondering!) is as follows, and it certainly sounds good to me : "MuTu isn’t about being Super Woman, it’s about finding the *you* you may have lost a little of whilst you were busy being Mum... Finding *YOU*, as well as your waistline, is a big part of MuTu. I hope you find yours!" Well, after three kids (and four pregnancies), my body certainly isn't a temple, it's more of a hotel (!!) so I say bring it on !

I've set up a MuTu label (here) so that you can follow my progress over the coming weeks. Wish me luck !

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