Thursday 29 December 2011

Welcome to the Stérimar-d House !

We've been spending Christmas at the Madhouse Grandparents' house in Sussex by the sea this week and the girls have been marvelling at their seaside-themed bathroom !

It starts with the lighthouse on the pull-down light switch.

It continues with the Beach sign and seagull (who unnervingly watches you as you sit - I said SIT ! - on the toilet) !

Forget flying ducks on the wall, they have a trio of swimming dolphins.

Even the radio is shaped like a dolphin !

And their storage area is also nautically-themed. (I'd just like to point out that none of those rubber duckies are the vibrating ones that I told you about here !!)

But on closer inspection, the dolphins aren't just for decoration - they also feature on the labels of their stash of Stérimar and Stérimar Baby, which Madhouse Grandad uses for his allergies. As Pierre has come down with a horrendous cold, that was great news for us as it meant I could clear out his bogie-nose !

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