Saturday 10 December 2011

First Choice Save Santa Appeal : Win an iPad 2 right here on my blog !

This looks like a fun competition with a Christmas theme so get your thinking caps on if you want to win that iPad 2 ! Leave your comments below and email First Choice too so that your entry counts.


—Independent research carried out by First Choice reveals yet another victim of the global economic crisis: Santa needs your help—

The Santa Bailout
This infographic was commissioned by First Choice.
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for the chance to win an iPad2.

First Choice, home of all inclusive, have created a competition to fix Santa’s finances. To win an iPad 2 add your comment below and tell us how you think we can save Santa from financial ruin. Be sure to send an email with your comment to so they can track your entry.

The competition closes at midnight on December 24th 2011. Click here to view the competition’s terms and conditions

Read on for more information about Santa's plight !

A new infographic released by First Choice, home of all-inclusive, investigates the impact of the recession on the man at the heart of Christmas. Research conducted by the company reveals that Santa has been struggling to keep up with demand this year and is battling to come to terms with the soaring cost of Christmas presents.
To help Santa out, First Choice has launched an appeal asking customers to come up with a contingency plan to Save Santa! To help get those thinking caps on, customers who come up the best ideas could win an iPad 2.

According to calculations by the travel company, Santa has one of the highest debts in the world, just behind the United States. First Choice calculated that, in just one year, Santa accumulated a debt of nearly three and a half trillion pounds. This figure was based on a recent Gallup poll which showed that on average Americans plan on spending the equivalent of £486 on Christmas presents this year. If Santa spent that amount on everyone, the jolly fellow would rack up a huge debt as he purchases gifts for people around the globe.

The infographic explores the figures and investigates where it all went wrong. The cost of Christmas presents has soared in recent years and one of the most popular gifts this year, the iPad 2, will set you back at least £399. When you compare this with popular presents in the 1920s, such as a teddy bear, which would have cost you as little as 50p in today’s currency, you can see how Santa got in such a mess.

Nathan Timmins, Head of Online Marketing for First Choice, comments: “Our research unveiled the real victim of the current economic crisis: Santa Claus. With the growing cost of presents and increased spending at this time of year it is no surprise that he is finding it difficult financially.

“When the findings were revealed we decided we needed to do something to help Santa out, especially with Christmas just around the corner. So we are offering the ultimate Christmas present, an iPad 2, to whoever comes up with the best solution to Santa Claus’s predicament. We are hoping that by opening up this problem to the floor we can find a way for Santa to relieve his financial burden.”

Santa refused to comment on his situation, but welcomed any financial advice.

The infographic and details of the competition can be found at: . Contestants can enter the competition by commenting on the First Choice blog or on any other blog which features the infographic (including right here on Madhouse Family Reviews !).

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  1. My ideas to save Santa from financial ruin: Go back to traditional well made toys which last for years, put his money under his mattress (so the banks don't lose it when they go under) and shop at Aldi and Lidl for festive gifts and food.

  2. I think he should branch out, the elves are good at making toys. He could set them to making Christmas and Easter decorations and home ware items, set up an online store and become an entrepeneur


  3. I think Santa should go back to his roots and make traditional toys and games!! Wooden toys, dolls and board games. Maybe he could set up a website too where children can return toys they have grown out of so he can get the elves to repair them or recycle them and send them back out to new children who will appreciate them all over again.

  4. Teach Santa to make cards and bake cakes. Also she should learn about Ebay! :-)


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