Saturday 31 December 2011

New Year's Resolution Part 1 : The Thinking Slimmer Slimpod

OK, hands up who has a New Year's Resolution that revolves around losing weight, getting fitter or eating more healthily ? Pretty much everybody, right ?! Well, yeah, me too ! As of tomorrow, I'm kicking off a three part plan of attack and blogging about it so you can see how it goes. Eeek ! As always, I'm coming to this as an open-minded sceptic, blogging about it the way it is, not just saying nice things because I've been given the products for free to try out.

The first part is easy peasy because it's just a continuation of using the Thinking Slimmer hypnotherapy SlimPod. I came to this a couple of months ago, filled with scorn and cynicism, scoffing that listening to a ten-minute mp3 once a day couldn't possibly have any effect on the way you eat or how much you weigh ... then couldn't believe it when I started losing weight, fitting into clothes that I couldn't even do up, feeling irrepressible urges to run around the park with the kids and no longer raiding the fridge when I sorted out the kids' tea. I'm still gobsmacked but have to admit that it really does seem to work !

If you still have no idea what a Slimpod is, you can check out my SlimPod journey so far :

week 1 update - lost an amazing 1.8kg - read my initial review here
week 2 - no weightloss but positive changes - read update here
week 3 - couple of hundred grammes back on but can now wear black stretchy jeans comfortably that were too tight before and my fave black hoody fits again (couldn't zip it up a couple of weeks ago) - read update here
week 4 - lost 1/2 kilo (total loss 2.6kg) - read update here
week 5 - no change but can do up target jeans that I couldn't even hope to do up at the start (when a couple of inches extra waistband would have been needed to get the button done up) - still can't wear them though as there's a big tummy overhang when I do them up !
week 6 - no change - but those target jeans now feel great and look OK too - wearing them to work, amazing !
week 7 - lost 1/2 kilo (total lost 3kg) - read update here
weeks 8/9 - weighed myself on Christmas Eve - amazed to see I've lost another 1kg (total lost 4kg)
week 10 - put 1/2kg back on over Christmas in England which was actually not as bad as I expected, especially as it could also be down to the time of month ! (total lost 3.5kg)
Stay tuned for more regular updates as I still have a long way to go ! I've just created a SlimPod label to help you find the Thinking Slimmer posts more easily (here). You may be interested to know that the Thinking Slimmer team have just introduced a brand new mp3 to help you cut down your booze intake, alongside those to help you lose weight, get fitter, stop being a chocaholic or destress (amongst others), so if that sounds like what you need, check out their website at .

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  1. good luck hun, I been using about the same time as you, and whilst having seriously cut down on what I eat not lost much weight, but a week ago I introduced the over 50's fitness one as well so heres hoping.
    like you though losing incehes and can feel the difference. Im looking long term with this cos I feel it is life long changes this fab product is helping us make.
    Maybe this time next year!!

  2. Thinking any slimming requires some stamina so much temptation around christmas!

  3. wow i think i might have to get me one of these slimpods x


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