Thursday 22 December 2011


LOL Glad to see I'm not the only one to do a stash and dash and only clear the visible areas when people come visiting !!! Read the research from Bissell and make yourselves feel better when your house isn't spotless over the festive period !



- 9 out of 10 of us will only be cleaning the rooms our guests will see

- Weather related grime and cooking spills top the list of annoying Christmas messes

- Vacuuming is the preferred cleaning task for men and women (53.8%)but women are left to manage the majority of the clean-up operation

20th December 2011: With our homes set to play host to a revolving door of family members and guests this Christmas, there’s much to be said for the state they will be left in after the big day. However new research commissioned by BISSELL® Experts in Home Cleaning™ reveals that two thirds (66%) of Brits admit to being more concerned about cleaning the house before guests arrive rather than after they have gone.

A study involving 2005 Brits highlighted our eagerness to impress our friends and visitors, so much so we are prepared to cut corners. A staggering 9 in 10 (89.7%) of us admit that we will only clean the visible areas such as kitchens (30.7%) and living rooms (31%). Meanwhile bedrooms are sure to be neglected, with 22.8% admitting these are the messiest areas of their home.

BISSELL® the World’s No.1 brand in carpet washing and vacuum cleaning appliances* today also reveals the top stains and messes that will be driving us crackers this Christmas. Weather related messes such as snow and outdoor dirt have over a third of us reeling (40.3%) at the prospect of dirty floors, a high probability considering this year’s snow predictions! Meanwhile the inevitable cooking spills fall in second place, at 21%. Lower down on our Christmas clean-up crimes are the decorative messes that come with Christmas such as decorations (8.9%) wrapping paper (12%) and pine needles (9%).

One important question left to be answered, however, is who exactly will be rolling their sleeves up to get the job done after the Christmas carnage this year? In 60% of UK households it appears that traditional roles continue to live on with women taking on the lion’s share of the cleaning duties compared to men (19%). There are still some households (18%) that share the cleaning duties – so there’s still hope! The cleaning task most favoured by both men and women alike is vacuuming (53.8%) with men in particular (57.6%) claiming this as their top household chore.

Alistair Roberts, European Managing Director at BISSELL®, comments: “With the amount of time we spend in our homes at Christmas, the increased traffic and general comings and goings during the festive period, our homes take quite a beating. It comes as no surprise that 87% of us only clean the areas of the home that are visible to us however it is the dirt buried deeper beneath the surface that we cannot see and can be harder to reach that is exposing our families to harmful germs and allergens. While messes and mishaps are inevitable over the festive season BISSELL® is at hand to help homes prepare and recover with minimal effort but maximum results.”

A standard vacuum cleaner only reaches approximately half of the dirt in carpets while carpet washing digs to the very bottom of the carpet pile removing deep down dirt. Whether preparing for the Christmas season or cleaning up the aftermath, BISSELL®’s range of carpet washers, steam cleaners, sweepers and vacuums will help to keep your floors dust, stain and germ free this Christmas and beyond. Many of the products in the BISSELL® range are approved by Allergy UK** for the reduction and removal of house dust mites, cat, dog and pollen allergens. BISSELL® is the only carpet washing brand to include Scotchgard™ protection in their cleaning solutions, making carpets more resistant to future staining.

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  1. i have a massive clean after xmas, i hte all the mess, carpet cleaner is a must


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