Monday 12 December 2011

Kids' app review : I Learn With Transportation

2-year-old Pierre loves the iPad. He is a total pro when it comes to Peppa Pig (which we reviewed here) and Peekaboo Barn (see our review here and don't miss out on the chance to win your own code for iphone here) but as soon as I saw the name of the latest app that we were offered for review, I knew it would be a big hit. Pierre loves lorries, aeroplanes, trains, motorbikes - basically anything with wheels ! - so I Learn With Transportation could have been made to measure.

Sure enough, as soon as I placed the iPad in front of him, he was off, touching the different pictures on the screen. He giggled at the noises you can make the different vehicles make and repeated the words as each type of transportation was named.

He was so absorbed that I admit, I stopped closely watching him and let him get on with it while I helped the girls do their homework. I therefore thought that it was just a really simple "interactive picture book" type of app, which was already getting a really good reception from Pierre.

However, in doing a quick bit of research while writing this review, I've just realised it's a lot more complex than that and the content gets gradually more complex the longer you play. The press release says : "The different scenes start with the most simple contents (such as sounds and words), and advance to more complex material related to logical and mathematical development (numbers, geometry) or different environments – and always from a ludic, attractive and engaging point of view for children."

If you want to mix things up even more, you can switch between English and Spanish, which is a great way to introduce slightly older kids to a new language, especially if they're already fans of Dora the Explorer ! The app also mixes up the content when you start a new game, so you won't constantly get the same pages over and over again.

It's a really fun, engaging app for little learners who will have a huge amount of fun while learning all about words, colours, numbers and different environments. They'll get to hone their fine motor skills too, dragging the different vehicles across the screen. It's the perfect app for pre-schoolers.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £1.99

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  1. My youngest son Oliver would love this, now I just need to buy an iPad, think I've got a good excuse now don't you?

  2. DADA - you're very welcome :)

    bloomers - Even better, try winning one here : !

  3. There are some marvelous toys/apps out now and these play and learn are superb. Just looking for something to keep the grand kids quietly occupied on the plane when we go on holiday! (I already have a gag & a piece of rope but enough of my sex life whoop) sorry even grannies can be full of mischief!


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