Sunday 11 December 2011

Minene Innovative 2 in 1 Cosy Foot Muff review

When we were asked if we'd like to review an innovative 2 in 1 Cosy Foot Muff from Minene, I was really keen to discover a bit more about this exciting new company who has made a huge splash diving into the child and baby market. I first told you (here) about their amazing 3-in-1 evolutive playmat that grows with your child into a baby pen and then toddler settee. They also have ingenious bedding with detachable dribble protectors so you just have to swap over the dribble pad instead of the whole sheet, which is great news if you have a teething baby or one who regurgitates a lot.

The cosy foot muff is wonderfully soft and fleecy and is also really warm. Pierre loves the picture of the car on the front when you fold down the top ...

... but when it's really cold (and we've been doing lots of wandering around the Christmas market lately, spotting Father Christmas and watching the girls going down the snow slides !), Pierre loves to fold the top right up so that he's in a lovely warm, snuggly cocoon.

The only slight problem is, as we've been taking the car out, we've been using the small foldup pushchair and the foot muff tends to drag on the floor when opening it up to put Pierre in or take him out of the pushchair. Similarly, when I'm pushing him along, the bottom of the foot muff (with Pierre's feet in) sometimes rubs against the wheels. However, at Madhouse Daddy Mike's work's Christmas party, all his colleagues were saying Pierre was tall for his age - one woman said her 4 year old was only slightly taller than him and he's only 2 and a half ! - so the problem may be due to his apparently long legs ! Great news is, it's machine washable.

It's a wonderfully warm foot muff and blanket in the winter but you won't need to put it away once the colder weather has ended. The zip allows you to detach the blanket part from the liner so you can leave the back part as extra padding and protection for your pushchair. This is great if you often give snacks on the go and end up with crumbs and chocolate stains on your pushchair because it's much easier to throw the foot muff in the washing machine rather than try to get the pushchair clean.

It's designed to fit all standard pushchairs and is really easy to attach, with strategically placed holes for you to feed the pushchair straps through. It comes in a wide range of colour schemes and designs, including an elephant, a heart and the car that Pierre loves so much.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £28.99

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  1. These look super cosy, not sure if Flynn would like them, he hates being bundled up and gets so sweaty!

  2. These look so cosy, unfortunately my youngest hates having his legs covered and would rather be cold! But I would love one, do they make them in adults sizes,lol

  3. LOL Great idea to make them in adult sizes !!


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