Sunday 25 December 2011

Add a Touch of Bollywood Bling To Your New Year Party Look

If you're looking for a fab new look for the New Year parties, you might like to try this smouldering Bollywood look. Brit-Bollywood songstress Nindy Kaur offers easy tips on how to get the perfect Bollywood Bling look that will set you apart from the rest of the party goers this season and add a touch more glamour to your Christmas and New Year celebrations.


The first step in creating the Bollywood look is to create a perfect and flawless base. First apply a tinted moisturizer or foundation all over the face and neck. You can check the shade on your jaw line first which will tell you immediately if it blends with your skin. A good base will help to keep the rest of your makeup.

Next you need to create a strong brow, use a lighter foundation or apply highlighter to the skin directly under the brown. Shape your eyebrows using tweezers or threading which is more popular in India, then use a pencil to highlight the brows and create a strong shape. A perfect brow shape will frame the eyes and entire look.

The most important part of the Bollywood look are the eyes which must be the strongest feature of your makeup to achieve the Bollywood look.

Blend several eye shadow shades together to get the desired smokey effect. Start with the lighter colour on the lid and blend in the darker colours into the socket of the eye. Bring the shadow out to the end of the eyebrow to create the feline effect.

Apply liquid eyeliner across the eyelid close to the lash line, and create an elongated tick at the end. A great tip is to create the tick at the corner of the eye first, then sweep your line across the lid. Next, to create the sultry look, use black khol pencil in the inner rims of the eye to perfectly frame them, also use the kohl right into the inner corner of the eye to give the feline effect.

False eyelashes are a must, use mascara on top to create the effect of thick lashes

If you can, wear colored contact lenses, they really add to the look. For example green and turquoise eye shadows look amazing against brown eyes.

Keep the lips natural with a nude coloured gloss that adds shine and volume.

The crowning glory of the Bollywood look, is glossy and healthy hair. Loosely curl and backcomb to finish the entire look.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely idea but I'm afraid I don't have the patience, I will have a bit of foundation, eyebrows done, eyeshadow and some mascara and that's me done, five mins max!!

  2. Bollywood eyes look gorgeous, just a shame I'm rubbish with make-up, haha!


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