Monday 12 December 2011

Bob Martin Natural Vitality Dog Treats review

Didou (in the top photo) and his mum Vicky (below, looking a bit more interested in the goodies!) were in the testing hotseat here at The Madhouse today. They were trying out the new range of Natural Vitality dog treats from Bob Martin.

The treats come in three varieties. In the pink pack, the Salmon flavour ones, with Flexi-Joint goodness, contain omega-3, glucosamine and condroitin (naturally found in the salmon). The green pack is Lamb and Rice for Digestive Health, with high levels of lamb and rice, which are both easily digestible, as well as special fibres that help to produce firm poo. (Sorry if you're eating while reading this !) Finally, the yellowy-orange pack is Chicken, targetting Oral Health, and containing easily-digestible chicken and a combination of special fibres and calcium salts to promote oral health. Whichever variety you choose, the treats contains 70% fish or meat.

Once we actually opened the packs, the dogs went crazy, trying to climb up the girls to reach the treats as I was taking the photos ! Juliette commented "phew, it stinks of fish" and Sophie cried "no, it pongs of meat" which just goes to show that the natural ingredients have a recognisable smell, even to humans !

The dogs both loved them and would have eaten their way through the whole lot if they'd had their way ! Bob Martin suggests using the Natural Vitality treats as a treat at any time, giving from 1 to 4 treats per day depending on the size of the dog. What is handy is that you can tear each strip (each pack contains 7 strips) into smaller pieces if you want them to last a bit longer and to prevent your dog from gobbling them down too quickly. Bob Martin's website also says to always ensure that fresh drinking water is available, so the treats presumably risk making your dogs thirsty. You should always have a bowl of water available anyway, so that shouldn't be a problem !

Judging by the sparkling eyes, excited jumping around, waggy tails and crazy gobbling up of the treats, both dogs give them a big paws-up !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £2 for 7 strips

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