Sunday 11 December 2011

Brrrrr-illiant Christmas Gifts from Lush review

I absolutely love Lush, both for their natural cruelty-free ethics and their fun and fantastically fragranced products, so I was over the moon when they sent me this little lot to review from their Christmas collection.

I couldn't wait to open the beautifully gift-wrapped Lush parcel but 10-year-old Sophie snatched it away and told me it was going under the tree along with all the other presents until Christmas Day ! Awww not fair !

I did go to have a sneaky look at the contents online though and I was excited to see that it contains 100g Whoosh Shower Jelly and 100g grams Globe soap. The write-up says : "Know someone who finds getting up on winter mornings a struggle? Present them with these two zesty treats and they’re sure to be left feeling bright and breezy. Freezable Whoosh shower jelly and limited edition Snowglobe soap make for a brrrrilliant refreshing duo!" Sounds wonderful, looks wonderful in the picture and I can tell you that it smells wonderful too because I've been sniffing it through the wrapping paper ! It costs £7.95 and is a great timesaver too, as it comes already beautifully wrapped so is ready to give to your chosen recipient (who will love you forever !).  (for more info, see here)

I did manage to keep my hands on the bottle of Snow Fairy Shower Gel for Body and Hair though, much to my delight. Judging by the bright pink colour, I was expecting this to smell of strawberries but I had a sniff and it instantly reminded me of pear drops. Sophie, who has never eaten pear drops, sniffed it and said it smelt of strawberry bubblegum ! On the Lush website, they say : "Its smell of candy floss and pear drops transports all of us back to days of standing in the sweet shop with our pocket money clasped in our fist, trying to decide what to buy." Its a syrupy sweet, fruity, happy fragrance that is guaranteed to cheer you up and put a smile on your face. It's become Lush's Xmas bestseller and I can definitely see why. I'm usually a Happy Hippy citrus shower-junkie but I may be tempted over to the pink side with this one ! RRP £3.25 for 100g, £5.95 for 250g, £9.95 for 500g (for more information, see here)

I also managed to keep my eager mitts on the two cute little tins of lip tint. Now this was a new product for me and is basically a cross between lip balm and lipstick in a tin. But this being Lush, it's more exciting than that !

The first little tin I opened was Chilli Tingle, which gives your lips a warm orangey-red colour. The moisturising base of jojoba oil and cocoa butter is blended with natural wax to seal in the colour and help provide protection against the winter chill. As the name suggests, this lip tint also contains dried chillis which give a nice tingling sensation and help boost the blood supply to your lips. I love the names of the other exotic ingredients - the wonderfully festive-sounding hoja santa, which actually means "sacred leaf" and annatto seeds from - wait for it ! - the lipstick tree ! £4.75 for 10g (see here for more details)

When I took the lid off my little pot of Celebrate lip tint, I actually thought there was a problem and it had all separated or something, then I looked at the picture and realised it's normal. The little bits you can see on the surface are edible gold lustre and popping candy ! Love it already ! Flavour-wise, those clever people at Lush have come up with a surprising but gorgeous blend of icing sugar, cognac oil, grapefruit oil and lemon oil - try not licking your lips when you know that and it is as delicious as it sounds. It has a lovely pale pink colour too, which reminds me of the frosted pink lipsticks I used to buy when I was in my teens in the 80's !! Needless to say, my 10-year-old daughter loves it too, and it's the first time we've both put lip balm on then stood grinning at each other! £4.75 for 10g (see here for more details)

If you're still looking for Secret Santa gifts, stocking fillers, end-of-term presents for teachers or just a winter pick me up pampering treat for yourself, these all fit the bill perfectly and have a surprisingly low price tag too.

star rating : 5/5

RRP :  from £3.25 - £7.95 - see above for individual prices

for more information :

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  1. I have bought one of the boxes (the candy one) for myself, and the Snow Fairy gel is in it. It's nice!

  2. I love the idea of the Chili lip Tingle, :) definitely will be trying that as i used to be a mother pucker fan but this might be a more natural alternative with the same effect .. Lush products smell heavenly!

  3. LOL ... mother pucker ... love the product names they come up with too !

  4. I ask for Snow Fairy every Christmas - it's gorgeous!

  5. I adore Lush - I usually go for the flying fox range but having read your review, I'm going to try the Snow Fairy next time I go.


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