Saturday 17 December 2011

Cetaphil RestoraDerm & High Tolerance Skin Products review

For the past few days, I've had an unexplainable, really itchy patch on my right leg. I would imagine it's the result of the really cold weather, howling winds and torrential rain as I've been waiting at the bus stop. Why it's only on one leg and not the other though, I have no idea. From the constant scratching, the area was getting quite sore, red and - above all - annoying (you could say irritating as much as irritated !). It gave me a sneaky peek of how hellish it must be to suffer from eczema, psoriasis or any other skin problem that causes itching and soreness.

Now usually, I love boldly fragranced, exotic-smelling skin creams and bath products but this seemed like the perfect time to try out some of the Cetaphil products that we'd been sent to review. I'd always heard of Cetaphil as a highly effective, mild and gentle product range for problem skin so I was keen to see if it would live up to my high expectations.

I tried the RestoraDerm Skin Restoring Body Moisturiser (£19.99 for 295ml pump bottle) on my itchy leg. Despite me having scratched it and made it all red with dry flaky skin on the surface, it didn't sting at all, which pleasantly surprised me. The feeling of coldness after applying the product  immediately soothed the skin but this calming sensation lasted after the coldness had gone and the product had been fully absorbed. The packaging says that it is clinically proven to moisturise very dry, itchy and sensitive skin, that it has ceramide technology to help restore the skin barrier and that it is preservative and fragrance free. It certainly does everything that is promised on the label.

There is a matching RestoraDerm Skin Restoring Body Wash (£15.99 for 295ml) so I used this in the shower. Again, it's a bit bland but that is exactly what your body needs if you have sensitive or irritated skin because colours, fragrances and everything else artificial can act as irritants. The Cetaphil Restoraderm range is so gentle that not only is it suitable for adult problem skin, it can even be used with children and babies from 3 months. Sophie is sometimes prone to eczema breakouts and red itchy patches behind her knees and elbows so I will definitely give her this to use if it happens again. I love the fact that the whole family can use the same product too.

Besides the RestoraDerm range, formulated for sensitive skin, we also received the Gentle Skin Cleanser (£8.99 for 236ml) which can be used with or without water, either just wiping off the excess or rinsing off and patting dry with a towel, the Moisturising Lotion (£8.99 for 236ml) and the Mosturising Cream (£9.99 for 100ml tube). These products are all high tolerance, for sensitive or dry skin, soap-free, fragrance-free and non-comedogenic (which means it doesn't clog your pores). While these are all still gentle enough to use on children's skin, I love the fact that the Gentle Skin Cleanser also removes dirt, impurities and even make up.

It's a lovely gentle, soothing, non-irritating skincare range that is perfect for those prone to eczema or other skin problems. It reminds me a bit of eating salad when you want to lose weight. You probably fancy a Big Mac or a great slab of gooey chocolate cake instead, but you know that salad is what your body really needs for you to be good to yourself. The Cetaphil range provides just what your skin needs - soothing hydration and ultra-gentle cleansing - so you'll have to forgo the brash fragrances and pretty artificial colours if that's what your skin requires. I only had a very slight skin irritation and I still appreciated the mildness and the efficiency of the product, so I can only imagine how welcome they would be to anyone with seriously itchy or sore skin.

star rating : 4.5/5

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