Thursday 15 December 2011

Meet Uki : A New Day, A New Adventure !

Uki is a loveable little yellow creature who lives life to the full and always has a smile on his face. Forever curious, full of energy and brimming with excitement, Uki is just like a toddler discovering his surroundings for the first time. Although he doesn’t talk, Uki interacts with his little viewers by sounds, winking, waving and smiling into the camera, encouraging them to be part of his world and share his experiences.

Sounds like the perfect TV playmate for Pierre so I was surprised we'd never come across him before, until I checked the programme schedule. Currently showing as part of Show Me Show Me on the CBeebies channel, it's on at 9am and 1pm on weekdays, both times when I'm at work and Pierre is at the childminder's. We were therefore over the moon to receive a lovely Uki pack, containing a book, a DVD and a soft toy so that we could catch up and get to know him.

I was keen to discover more about the concept behind the show. The producers say : “Nature is Uki’s playground and Uki uses this to full effect! Set in a beautifully bright and colourful world, each episode sees a day in Uki’s life; starting from the moment he wakes up, right through to when he’s tucked up in his sunflower ready for bed. Uki is not alone in his vibrant world though – he has five friends: Rabbit, Hedgehog, Duck, Turtle and Squirrel who share his discoveries and adventures. There is also Sun, Cloud and Moon who as ‘guardians’ keep an eye on Uki’s activities, day or night! Each day Uki explores something different – whether it be finding a cake or helping Rabbit to fly! Children will also enjoy seeing Uki discovering the wonders of nature around him and learning from his experiences - such as realising that playing with a balloon can be difficult for Hedgehog and that rain is wet, but fun!"

Despite not knowing him at all, Pierre immediately starting cuddling the toy and bending his springy antenna ! He sat down pointing at the pictures as we looked at the book then sat down and watched the whole DVD from end to end, not moving until the 11 episodes had finished ! It's a lovely calm DVD, perfect for a "TV sleep" - Pierre has outgrown naps now but does agree to lay on the settee or on my bed and watch a quiet DVD for a while so that he at least gets a rest.

If you'd like to discover more about Uki, you can follow him on facebook at or check out He's quickly become a favourite here at The Madhouse with the DVD being frequently requested and the soft toy getting lots of cuddles !

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  1. This looks like a lovely gift I could get for my son!

  2. What a fab happy looking character, lovely to hear more about him :) x

  3. Hello! :) Where did you buy this pack? I'm looking for Uki soft toy for my daughter, but don't find...:( Thanks for your help!!! :) Regards from Hungary Nita

  4. Hello Nita :)

    I was sent the pack for the review but I've asked for you, so hopefully I'll be able to tell you soon.

    Happy New Year


  5. Hello Cheryl!

    Thank you very much! :)


    P.S.: Happy New Year :))

  6. Hi Nita,

    Re: your question on where to get the Uki soft toys...there is soon to be an online Uki store where you will be able to purchase the soft toys. Keep an eye on the Uki website and Facebook page for updates!

    I hope that helps :)


  7. From the United States. Are there UKI toys ?


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