Sunday 19 May 2013

Daisy Daisy, Give me your answer, do !

Weeds or wild flowers? Well, it all depends on your viewpoint but we all had a fabulous afternoon out discovering the wild blooms today. It all started off with a load of dandelions that had gone to seed next to the pavement.

The kids had great fun doing loads of dandelion clocks. Sophie looked at the daisies and, a bit further along the road, wondered out loud how to make a daisy chain. I explained the basic theory but we couldn't find any more daisies along the way for me to show her.

We visited a new park and decided to get off the beaten track, following lesser known paths. Hmm I wonder where this Trip Trap Bridge goes ...

Pierre wanted to check there were no nasty old trolls living under the bridge so we had a stop in the middle to play Pooh Sticks and throw pebbles at a half submerged tree trunk !

Wow ! Just around the corner was a huge meadow filled with so many daisies, it looked like it had been snowing !

Pierre got so excited he wanted to roll around in them for a bit !

The girls legged it across to the far bank and sat waving until we caught up with them !

It was the perfect bank for some rolypolies !

Cue much giggling when they landed in a heap at the bottom with their heads spinning !

Oops, just as well it was my idea !

 Chilling in the daisy meadow! 

Time for a daisychain-making lesson - I couldn't actually believe they'd never made daisy chains before! One of my own childhood's simple pleasures - they were very impressed !

I usually tell them it's a waste picking daisies but there were so many in this meadow that I thought a few wouldn't make any difference !

Happy hippy chick !

The kids have already asked if we can go back to Daisy Meadow (as it's now been named) to have a picnic in the holidays - sounds good to me !

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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  1. I remember making daisychains at school. We used to do it all summer long and we used to make wishes on dandelions. What a lovely walk

  2. goodness me i dont think i have ever seen so many daisies all in one place! i love to make daisy chains too - something relaxing about it x

    1. I know what you mean - once I started, it got a bit addictive !!

  3. Fab post and lovely photos! I don't think I ever made the daisy chains in my childhood, but we did dandelion chains from yellow dandelions, packed quite close to each other, so the flowers were not spaced from each other.

    1. Ooh that's really interesting, Juliette asked if we could make a dandelion chain and I said I didn't think it would work !


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