Tuesday 14 May 2013

Hellmann's Mayonnaise review

 Hellmann's mayonnaise is a store cupboard staple here at The Madhouse. It gets used in sandwiches, served with cold chicken, mixed into tuna, sweetcorn and mayonnaise baked potato toppings and a spoonful whisked into mashed potato makes lovely fluffy mash. My ultimate sandwich is leftover roast chicken, pickled beetroot and a dollop of Hellmann's. Nevertheless, I'd somehow managed to miss the fact that they had a selection of flavoured mayonnaises available so we were very keen to try them out when the postie dropped them off.

I came up with a platter of veggies (carrot sticks and strips of red pepper) to try out the three flavours that we'd received with the rest of the family. The squeezy bottles make it really easy to create little piles of mayonnaise and it's not too runny so they don't all splurge into each other on the plate.

First up was the Hellmann's Mayonnaise with a Hit of Caramelised Onion. You could definitely taste the sweet onion flavour coming through but it wasn't overpowering and even Juliette, who isn't keen on onions, loved it. On to the next one - Mayonnaise with a Twist of Black Pepper. This was nice and the black pepper did give it a lift, adding a nice depth of flavour, but it seemed a little bland after the onion one. And finally, Mayonnaise with a Spark of Chilli. I wasn't sure how hot this one would be but it's only got a very slight chilli kick so even the Madhouse Mini-testers liked it. This would be good for jazzing up slightly bland dishes, such as coleslaw or simple ham or cheese sandwiches.

Speaking of coleslaw, that's what I made to try out the Light Hellmann's mayonnaise. I love the squeezy bottle with its new clean lock cap, which really works. Tastewise, it's spot on, although it didn't give quite such good coverage as regular full-fat mayonnaise. That's a compromise I'd be willing to accept though as it contains less than half the fat and calories of Hellmann's Real Myonnaise, with a very reasonable 40 calories per dollop. They have an even lighter option available too, Lighter than Light Mayonnaise, which contains 85% less fat than Hellmann's Light Mayonnaise and a mere 10 calories per dollop. Flipping Hellmann's ! I'll definitely be giving this a go so that I can tuck into my favourite bbq side dishes such as tuna pasta salad and homemade coleslaw without feeling guilty about sabotaging my diet !

I've also discovered that there are actually seven flavoured mayonnaises available. As well as the three that we tried, you can find Hellmann's with a Hint of Wasabi, a Touch of Garlic, a Zing of Lemon or a Pinch of Mustard. They sound perfect for adding subtle changes to salads, barbecue accompaniments and sandwiches over the summer season, although the Hellmann's website has a whole host of other recipe suggestions including hot dishes, such as Haddock Fishcakes, Mini Carrot & Courgette Rostis and Explosive  Thai Prawns, that you can try too.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £1.69 for the flavoured mayonnaise

for more information : www.hellmanns.co.uk

Disclosure : I received a selection of Hellmann's products in order to write an honest review.

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  1. Mmmm I buy these and they are lovely! Great for BBQ's especially!

  2. Yum - would love to try the chilli one!

  3. I will actually try the low fat one!!! sounds yummy!

  4. I will try these. Nice review


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