Thursday 30 May 2013

Nescafé, Nescafé, the better way to start your day !!

Hands up if you remember that slightly cheesy Nescafé ad from the 80's - ''Nescafé, Nescafé, the better way to start your day. Isn't it time that you woke up to a rich and smoother tasting cup!'' Well, they've gone one better now. Look closely at the jar of coffee - it's a personalised jar wishing me a good morning that is guaranteed to put a smile on my face as I pull it out of the kitchen cupboard !

I may have just mentioned the eighties (and you may have seen me having an eighties flashback here !) but research conducted by Nescafé Original to celebrate their 75th birthday found that of the past eight decades, the 60s have been voted as the decade the nation would most like to have lived in.

Nescafé explain : "The past 75 years has seen it all; man walking on the moon, the first female Prime Minister, hem lines going up and down in synch with the nation's mood, rationing, recession, recession again and countless right Royal knees ups. But the music, fashion and sporting successes of the 60s make it the time us Brits are the fondest of from the past eight decades, according to research released today. The Beatles top the charts as the most loved band from the past 75 years, Kate and Will’s wedding steals the nation’s hearts as the favourite Royal moment, and men reveal they are particularly partial to flesh-baring women’s 60s’ fashions, including the mini-skirt and the bikini."

Alongside the research, NESCAFÉ Original has recreated five memorable moments from history in a light-hearted photography collection, to be displayed at the company’s key sites amid birthday celebrations. 
You can see the cheeky snaps below :

1. The Queen’s coronation – 1953

2. The advent of the mini skirt – 1964

3. Man walking on the moon for the first time - 1969

4. Backstage at the Brits with the Spice Girls - 1997

5. Triumphing at the London Olympic Games - 2012

The limited edition 75th birthday images will be showcased in NESCAFÉ’s key factories around the country including Dalston, York and Tutbury.

NESCAFÉ Original fans are also sharing their favourite moments of the last 75 years on Twitter #NESCAFÉ75.  I think my favourite historic moment of the last 75 years would be the original royal wedding, watching Lady Di walking down the aisle in that amazing dress. Although, going back to before I was born, VE Day celebrations marking the end of World War II must be up there as one of the greatest moments too. What’s your favourite moment?

Disclosure : I received a jar of coffee and a mug to get involved in Nescafé's 75th birthday celebrations.

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