Tuesday 14 May 2013

WeightWatchers Breakfast Biscuits review

In an ideal world, we'd all sit down to a perfectly balanced, relaxed breakfast every morning before sauntering off, fully refreshed and stress-free, to a day's work. In reality, many days start like this morning and the nearest I get to a decent breakfast (or any breakfast at all) is swigging down some orange juice and grabbing a pack of breakfast biscuits to eat at the bus stop as I race off at top speed so I don't miss the 7am bus !

Well, luckily, WeightWatchers had sent me through some of their breakfast biscuits to review, so I had the choice of Milk & Honey or Fruit & Seeds. I opted for Fruit & Seeds and was really impressed with the quantity of dried fruit in them. I came back for some Milk & Honey ones as a snack when I got home from work though and must say they're very nice too !

They have a nice crunch to them and aren't overly dry, unlike some brands of breakfast biscuit that can feel a bit like sawdust in your mouth. They are made using wheat and oats and also have added vitamins and iron too. I often say that WeightWatchers manage to come up with lower fat/lower calorie products that are just as good as the non-diet big brand equivalents, so I was interested to see that these are manufactured under licence by Walkers Shortbread. 

A pack of two breakfast biscuits counts for 4 ProPoints. The nutritional content varies slightly for the two varieties - 2 Milk & Honey biscuits contain 158 calories, 7.1g of sugar, 4.8g of fat, 0.4g of saturates and  0.1g of salt and 2 Fruit & Seeds biscuits contain 159 calories, 5.9g of sugar, 5.4g of fat, 0.5g of saturates and  0.2g of salt.

Each box contains six 2-biscuit packs which is ideal for a week of breakfasts on the go. If I can manage to keep the kids off them that is, because they have discovered that they love them too !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £2.49 for 6 x 2 biscuits

Disclosure : I received some WeightWatchers Breakfast Biscuits in order to write an honest review.

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  1. I have to try them. They look like something I might actually like


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