Sunday 26 May 2013

This week's veg box (and a "little" extra !)

I still have a few bits left over from last week (round courgettes and avocadoes mainly) so today, I opted for a small veg box - two different sorts of lettuce, some more of those beautifully sweet cherry tomatoes, some baby potatoes and a white cabbage.

Then the fruit & veg man offered me a whole crate of melons for the same price as I was going to pay for three ! We've already eaten a few with the barbecue at lunchtime but I need to go searching for melon recipes now ! Any ideas ?

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  1. I love getting veg boxes, why does it seem to taste so much better!? I once ended up with a crate full of lemons - couldn't use them all up.

  2. Have not had a melon in years, I would not know where to start, now if it was a crate full of apples, I would have eaten them all in a day.


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