Thursday 9 May 2013

Thanks Vertbaudet for the kick up the bum !

I'd forewarned the kids - part of our bank holiday was going to be dedicated to sorting out their bedrooms, in particular Pierre's. He just had far too much stuff.

His bookcase was overflowing (and not just with books, by the looks of it !) and there were a random assortment of bags and boxes full of little toys and treasures all over the place that meant that he couldn't even get to his toyboxes and shelves any more. Definitely time to declutter !

This is where Vertbaudet came to the rescue. With perfect timing, they'd just sent us through a trio of funky jungle-themed storage boxes. They come flat pack but it took Madhouse Daddy literally minutes to put them all together. Pierre loved the vibrant colours and cute animals and also loved the idea of picking things up off the floor to put them away in his new boxes, which was a huge bonus !

When Pierre was really small, I decided to lay the bookcase down flat so that he could have a good rummage through his books at floor level. Now that he's a bit bigger, I stood the shelf unit upright so that we gained a bit of floorspace. We also had a sort through his books and put the tiny ones on a little shelf next to his bed.

This gave us the space to rearrange the toy boxes and big toys and gain a huge amount of floor space.

Pierre was very pleased with his new "big boy's room" as he calls it and spontaneously promised that he'll keep it tidy - ahem, I'll believe it when I see it !

The amazing thing is, we didn't actually throw anything away so even if it doesn't look like it, there's just as much "stuff" in there as in the top photos. It just goes to show how a few clever storage boxes and a bit of rearranging can make such a huge difference !

I need to have a go in our bedroom next ! I've also learnt that it's hugely motivating to take before and after photos when you have a decluttering session !

The jungle storage boxes are available from Vertbaudet ( :
Storage Box, brown/crocodile, £19
Storage Box, green/monkey, £19
Storage Box, orange/giraffe, £19

Disclosure : We received a trio of storage boxes from Vertbaudet in order to write an honest review.

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  1. Oh wow and I thought my kids had too much stuff lol
    I'm always looking for storage options they look goodx


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