Friday 24 May 2013

Sorry duckies - other ways to use up leftover bread than a trip to the park !

I was interested to hear about the "Don’t Feed the Ducks" campaign which is being piloted this weekend in London parks by the Federation of Bakers. They have teamed up with London park-keepers to try to encourage people to feed ducks healthy alternatives when they head to the park during the school holidays and keep the bread for themselves and their little ones! I'll share the press release with you, but make sure you scroll down to see my recipe ideas for using up your leftover bread at the end !


Don’t Feed the Ducks campaign piloted in London parks as families head out for half term

In an unusual partnership, the country’s bakers have joined forces with London park-keepers to ask the nation to re-think feeding the ducks bread, in a bid to prevent bread wastage and remind families of the benefits of eating bread during the half term holiday. Signs will be up at Battersea Park and Clapham Common throughout the summer asking the public not to feed the ducks but instead to save the bread for themselves. The initiative is part of the Slice of Life campaign, which the Federation of Bakers is running to promote bread in daily life.

Lisa Faulkner, campaign supporter and busy mum explained: “We know families have enjoyed feeding the ducks for generations but bird charities agree that bread is better kept for the family than for the ducks. For us, it’s an important part of a healthy balanced diet - low in fat, high in calcium and fibre. For ducks, they are better off if we feed them a handful of grain. If you do want to make sure you don’t waste your bread, then think about adding bulk to a vegetable soup or treating your family to an indulgent bread and butter pudding.”

Supporting the Federation of Bakers campaign is nutritionist Amanda Ursell, who commented, “Despite bread having a high nutritional content, it is often the first thing that I see excluded from people’s diets when they’re looking to lose weight. Although most people think ‘bread equals carbs’, in fact, bread also gives us protein, along with a wealth of minerals including bone-building calcium and energy-boosting iron, not to mention a wide variety of vitamins and fibre. As a nutritionist it’s great to see the Federation of Bakers launching this new initiative to bust these bread myths and raise awareness about the benefits of bread.”

Parks Manager of Clapham Common, Dr Iain Boulton commented, “With half-term next week and the weather improving, we’re expecting the number of families visiting our parks to really pick up, with plenty of people coming to see the ducks. However, it’s good to remember that the ponds offer ducks plenty of natural nutrition. If you’re coming to Clapham Common for a family day out and would like to feed the ducks, we’d recommend you grab a handful of hamster grain or some old vegetables to feed the wildfowl and keep the bread for your family’s sandwich lunch!”

The Don’t Feed the Ducks campaign is being piloted in two of London’s busiest parks - Battersea Park and Clapham Common - throughout the summer months.


So, if you're not feeding your stale bread to the ducks, how about trying some of these recipes instead ?

Chocolate Bread & Butter Pudding from the Love Food Hate Waste website

My Mediterranean Stuffed Turkey Parcels with breadcrumbs made from toasted stale bread

Choco Fruit Treats from the Federation of Bakers website

Easy Eggy Bread from the Federation of Bakers website

Do you have any other favourite recipes for using up leftover bread?

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  1. some great recipes the bread and butter pudding looks amazing!

  2. Not had bread and butter pudding for years and this chocolate one sounds delicious. Sorry duckies - you're on a diet this week - I'm going to try this recipe out one day next week.


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