Friday 10 May 2013

What's Cooking at the Madhouse next week? Menu Plan 10/5

Back to a normal week next week so just evening meals to sort out. Time to recycle some old faves I think, so I'll have a look through past menu plans for inspiration.


lunch - Off to Quick, the French version of McDonalds - I've got into a routine of having their seafood salads and the kids love the softplay area

dinner - a sandwich or maybe cheese and tomatoes on toast with the gorgeous crusty Ciabatta that's just come out of the breadmachine


lunch - the classic Sunday roast - probably chicken or possibly pork, with roast potatoes and veg. I might do some stuffing balls too.

dinner - whoever is hungry will nibble on soup, porridge, cereal or a bagel


dinner - cottage pie with carrots and broccoli


dinner - baked potato with spicy beans and cheese


lunch - beefburgers and pasta (Madhouse Daddy special)
dinner - tomato, courgette and potato casserole with pork chops


dinner - something fishy depending on what Madhouse Daddy picks up at the shops - maybe a fish pie, maybe poached white fish or grilled salmon with couscous and Asian vegetables


dinner - Mexican Chicken with ratatouille & pasta
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