Tuesday 21 May 2013

White Chocolate Chip Tracker Bars review

Tracker recently sent through some of their new White Chocolate Chip Bars to The Madhouse for us to try out. The brand has been around for 25 years and was the first cereal bar on the market, so I was keen to see what we'd think. I managed to sneak them out of the way of the kids and sat down to savour one last night.

To be honest, I was actually a bit underwhelmed to begin with. The bar seems smaller than the packaging would suggest and I couldn't see any nuggets of chocolate at all.

Then I realised that I was looking at the underside and the chocolate chips are all stuck on the top. That's more like it !

When you first bite into the bar, the initial flavour to flood your mouth is sweet honey or syrup and cornflakes (although looking at the ingredients list, there aren't any!), then a peanut flavour comes through and finally an undercurrent of delicate creamy white chocolate. Looking on the box, Tracker actually sum it up quite well as "the crunch", "the goo" and "the chew" !

The bars are still quite small though so I ate two in one sitting ! The ingredients list is as follows : glucose syrup , vegetable fat , whole oat flakes , peanuts , sweetened condensed skimmed milk , sugar , maize , rice flour , humectant (glycerol) , wholemeal wheat flour , cocoa butter , full cream milk powder , malted wheat flour , salt , whey powder , lactose , emulsifiers (soya lecithin, E471) , barley malt extract , vegetable oil , natural vanilla extract. That sounded like quite a lot of fats and sugars to me so I turned to the nutritional information to check - each bar contains 125 calories, 1.7g of protein, 15g of carbs (of which 8.4g sugars), 6.1g of fats (of which 2.6g saturates) and 0.7g fibre.

They taste lovely but I'll have to make sure I stick to one from now on, if I want a treat.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £1.89 for 6 x 26g bars

for more information : http://www.tracker-bar.co.uk/

Disclosure : I received some Tracker bars in order to write an honest review.

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