Wednesday 15 May 2013

Liberté Greek Style Yogurt review

A few weeks ago, I was invited to a tasting session to mark the launch of a new foodie product, Liberté Greek Style Yogurt, where brand ambassador Monica Galetti was going to cook up some bespoke recipes that she'd created using it. Sadly, I couldn't make it - having a full-time job gets in the way of some really lovely blogger events ! - but Liberté did kindly send me through some of their yogurts to try out.

The first product that I tried was their 0% Fat Blueberry Harvest Strained Greek Style Yogurt. Each 100g pot contains 85 calories, 0.2g of fat and 12.5g of carbohydrates (of which 11.5g sugar). It's lovely and creamy with a sweet (but not overly sweet) taste and a sprinkling of juicy blueberries that give a slight sharpness that contrasts nicely with the creamy yogurt. I found that in a few pots, the yogurt had separated slightly, but this is something that I've found with other Greek style yogurts and it tastes fine. I gave it a quick stir and you'd never know ! The Madhouse Mini-testers tried some too and they loved the taste and said that they also like the fact that, because it's thicker than normal yogurt, it's easier to keep it on the spoon ! Each multipack contains four pots and if you don't fancy Blueberry, these come in Strawberry too.

I also received a big tub of 0% Fat Natural Strained Yogurt. I had a little taste - it has a creamy, slightly tart flavour - but I'm never keen on natural yogurt so I decided to incorporate this into cooking. First of all, I knocked up some lovely raita, mixing some Liberté yogurt with cucumber and a glug of Five Valleys Lemon & Mint Cordial. I've made this before using crème fraîche but I found it to be much creamier with Greek style yogurt.

I also used the Liberté yogurt with some Tikka spices and lemon juice to make some marinade for chicken tikka masala, which again was very successful. The yogurt made a thick paste that stuck nicely to the chicken, giving it a lovely coating.

And here you have it - one plateful, two recipes containing Liberté !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : Liberté Natural Yogurt £2.19 for 500g

for more information :

Disclosure . I received some Liberté Greek-Style Yogurts in order to write an honest review.

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