Friday 24 May 2013

What's Cooking at The Madhouse next week ? menu plan 24/5

Next week is going to be a weird one because we have two nights out to fit into the usual routine - on Tuesday we're off to see Sophie in her school play and on Friday we are off to see a magic show. Should be fun but I'll need a magician to get a decent meal on the table in between the school/work run and heading back out again ! (And the week after that there won't be a menu plan at all because I'll be off on a day trip to London with the school on Monday, I come back on Tuesday then I'm off on a 3-day trip with the school on Wednesday/Thursday/Friday leaving Madhouse Daddy and the kids to fend for themselves - eeeek !)


lunch - a trip to McDonalds to start the weekend with a leisurely chat while the kids play in the soft play

dinner - Madhouse Daddy soup, hopefully


lunch - the classic Sunday roast -chicken this week, I think, with roast spuds, veggies (usually carrots, mushrooms and onions roasted under the meat), stuffing and gravy

dinner - whoever is hungry will nibble on soup, porridge, cereal or a bagel


dinner - turkey roulade with green beans and carrots - looked fab (and simple) on TV but I bet it's a nightmare to reproduce - watch this space ! With homemade mash, I think.


dinner - super quick meal needed - mince and veggies with rice sounds like it will fit the bill, especially if I use a sachet of microwavable rice


lunch - beefburgers and pasta (Madhouse Daddy special)

dinner - something in the slow cooker with chicken, not sure what yet


dinner - lemon and garlic salmon with couscous and veggies


dinner - meatballs and pasta

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  1. Just loving your choices, we are going to have your Cherry Tomato Tart( Tuesday.


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