Thursday 9 May 2013

Madhouse Recipe : Raita

We've been eating lots of spicy food here at The Madhouse lately so I thought it would be nice to make some lovely cooling raita to help reduce the heat. Usually I use crème fraîche but I'd received some Greek yogurt to review, so I tried it with that instead. I have to say, they both work really well so just use whatever you have in the fridge.


ingredients :

1/2 cucumber
4 tbsp Greek yogurt
a pinch of salt
my secret ingredient : 1tbsp of Five Valleys Lemon & Mint Cordial (but you could use fresh mint instead)

Finely dice the unpeeled cucumber and leave it in the fridge in a bowl lined with kitchen roll for 1/2 hour to absorb some of the excess juice. Just before serving, add the other ingredients and stir until the cucumber is evenly covered.

I served ours with chicken tikka masala, rice and salad but it would be a great accompaniment for any spicy salad or even in place of salad dressing with salad as a low-cal option.

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