Saturday 18 May 2013

#VegBoxChallenge Week 5

Last week's box contained  a huge box of strawberries, two punnets of mushrooms, lots of cherry tomatoes, some red onions, apples, baby grenaille potatoes and yellow/red peppers. I also had some courgettes

I planned on making something with the strawberries but everyone enjoyed eating them straight from the box so they disappeared before I got the chance !

Potato and Courgette Lasagne (which also uses mushrooms, red/yellow/green peppers and tomatoes)

a huge mixed salad with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, fried mushrooms and bacon, red pepper, Boursin minis, egg and apple slices

some cherry tomatoes went into my Mediterranean Stuffed Turkey Parcels

a lovely colourful dish of carrot and red pepper dippers that the kids wolfed down !

The Grenaille potatoes were just boiled and served with butter as an accompaniment to some rather lovely steak - sometimes simple = utterly delicious !

I still have a few bits left over in the fridge which will probably go into some vegetable soup tonight - but that's Madhouse Daddy's job so I'll let him decide !

Head over to Kirschplunder's blog to see what everyone else has done for the Veg Box Challenge this week or maybe even join in.

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  1. Uhhh potatoes in a lasagne sounds good, but everything else looks delicious too :)


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