Sunday 19 May 2013

Sunday weigh-in : Defies all logic but who cares ?!

Today is National Baking Week. This week could be defined by one word : cake. I've been baking non stop, making Hideaway Heart Cupcakes, Dream Cake, Bakewell Tart Biscuits, White Chocolate Chip Cookies ... Even the dieting gods were against me - when I picked omelette as a light option in a cafe with a friend, I was stunned to see it came with chips, which weren't mentioned on the menu !

I therefore knew this week was going to be bad news when I jumped on the scales, so I was stunned to see that I actually LOST weight ! Only 200g but I was expecting a gain so that's absolutely fan-blooming-tastic ! 

Positives of the week

- Two people this week have announced, out of the blue, "you've lost SO MUCH weight recently". To which I replied, "well, I haven't actually, since Christmas I've been at a standstill but I did lose lots last year", to which THEY replied "well, you look slimmer than the last time I saw you and that wasn't that long ago" ! :)

- After a week of  listening to the SlimPod every day, I haven't had a chance to put it on this week, but it still seems to be doing its job. There have been lots of half-eaten plates where I've been stopping when I realise I'm not hungry any more and I've been eating cakes cut in half when I fancied one.

- I decided to walk back from work instead of taking the bus on Friday (a couple of miles) then set straight off out again, taking the kids' books - all TWENTY ONE of them ! - back to the library. So no structured sport this week but it's all exercise !

- I am now wearing my target blue jeans and sitting down quite happily without being self-conscious about a tummy bulge !

This week's targets 

Last week's target was : Get down to the 77 point somethings. Listen to the SlimPod every day. Stay positive ! (Well, I stayed positive and I got closer to the other two so that'll do !)

This week's target is :  - Seven is supposed to be a lucky number so I'm aiming for 77.7kg next week !

Longer-term targets : Wear my new blue jeans without a tummy bulge even when sitting down ! (done - or if it's still there, it's small enough that I'm not worried about it any more)

STILL TO GO : 12.1kg

Feel free to add your weightloss posts to our weekly linkie - it's great to see how everyone else has been getting on and give each other support and encouragement :)

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  1. To lose weight after baking week is fantastic and shows that the Slimpod is working. It's so nice when people notice that you've lost weight too, fingers crossed for reaching your 77.7 goal next week. xx

  2. well done on still loosing! you are doing so well! my baking and cooking is rubbish so it never tempts me! it crisps and choc that get me!

    1. choccie is a bad one here too - although I'm trying to see it as perfectly OK, as long as I watch the portions and just have a square or two, so that it doesn't build up into a huge craving !

  3. Loving Thinking Slimmer. Am starting to notice changes including not being happy to stay in my usual scruffs. Well done you - you are on the right track and helping others too.

  4. Well done on your loss Cheryl :) xx


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