Wednesday 8 May 2013

Tree Fu Tom pyjamas review

Yesterday, I told you how to put a huge smile on a pre-teen girl's face - give her a One Direction lunch bag - and today I can also tell you how to put a huge smile on a 3-year-old boy's face - give him a pair of Tree Fu Tom pyjamas ! As soon as I saw them on the hanger, I knew that these would be a big hit when Pierre laid eyes on them. It actually really made me laugh because he's going through a "I don't like going to bed" phase lately and doesn't want to get ready for bed, but as soon as I showed him the pyjamas, he stripped off his clothes and put his new jimjams on ... in the middle of the afternoon !

You can see how proud he looks ! They're 100% cotton and are really soft. Pierre loves the huge picture that covers up all his tummy (as he proudly says when he shows everyone !) and the colours are really vibrant. Even better, I just have to say the magic words "Do you want to get into your Tree Fu Tom pyjamas now?" and he races off, seemingly having forgotten that he doesn't like bedtime any more - bonus !

The top part is actually wearable as a Tshirt too - on the first day he put them on mid-afternoon, he wanted to go outside to play on his scooter and nobody batted an eyelid or even realised it was part of a pair of pyjamas !

The pyjamas are sold by George at ASDA and have a very reasonable £8 pricetag.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £8

Disclosure : We received a pair of pyjamas in order to write an honest review.

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  1. I bet Eddie would have been very happy to have a Tree Fu Tom set of PJs. Lovely photo of Pierre.

  2. Very cute, thanks for linking up to wednesdays wardrobe.


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