Tuesday 7 May 2013

PG Tips The Mellow One and The Rich One review

I don't drink tea but my mum and dad drink gallons of the stuff so when the opportunity came up to review PG Tips newest addition to their Premium range of teas, I decided to recruit them as guest bloggers. They visited at the weekend so it was the perfect time to get testing.

The latest member of the PG Tips family is The Rich One, which joins the existing Premium range alongside The Fresh One, The Strong One and The Mellow One (previously called The Evening One, which we also received to review).

The Rich One is a blend of the finest East African, Assam and Ceylon teas with a warm golden colour and promises a complex, aromatic taste for consumers looking for a richer-tasting tea. PG Tips say : "The Rich One targets tea drinkers who like a full-tasting, indulgent cuppa." That sounded like it was targetting my mum so I asked her what she thought. She said it was very strong but had a lovely flavour so we think this one would be great mid afternoon with a nice slice of cake. My dad thought it made proper builders' tea with a very bold flavour.

The Mellow One appealed less to her, because she always thinks she needs a proper cup of tea to give her a boost when she's flagging and the word decaffeinated on the label put her off. Reading more closely though, it is described as "a smooth taste of black and decaffeinated teas that helps you unwind". That's slightly ambiguous but I think it means only some of it is decaffeinated. Flavourwise, it got a thumbs-up and if I hadn't shown her the pack, I'm sure she'd have been none the wiser and wouldn't have come to it with negative preconceptions of decaffeinated tea being inferior quality !

My dad liked both, but after spending decades drinking all different sorts of tea in customers' houses while he fixed their tellies and washing machines, I'm sure he'd drink anything !

We were pleased to see that both varieties continue to use PG Tips' revolutionary pyramid tea bags that act like mini teapots to really release the flavour. By reading the press release enclosed with the tea, I also learnt that PG Tips select fresh leaves from tea gardens, press them to release their natural juices then add these juices back to the leaves to make sure none of their flavour is lost.

If, like me, you've often wondered where the name PG Tips came from, you might like to know that in the 1930's, it was launched under the name Pre-Gest-Tea, suggesting that it could be drunk before food was digested. The word Tips was added to highlight the fact that the company uses the top two leaves and the bud of each plant to make its tea. Bet you didn't know that !

And for all of you trying to lose weight, a cup of tea made without milk contains barely any calories, and even with semi-skimmed milk, it only contains 14 calories per cup. It's a great way of filling you up when you're feeling peckish too.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £2.69 for 80 tea bags, £4.69 for 160

for more information : www.pgtips.co.uk

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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  1. Thank you for such a great review !
    Nothing beats PG when it comes to tea must try the Rich One.


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