Saturday 25 May 2013

Blue Nose Toys app and toys review

All together now - awwww ! Well, that was the collective cry that went up when these cute creatures arrived at The Madhouse.

Have a close look - did you spot that they've all got blue noses? Well, that's because they are the four new friends to join the My Blue Nose Friends characters collection. The cute plush toys are called Smoo the Cow, Comedy the Hyena, Spirit the Lemur and Twist the Snake.

They are very cute with great attention to detail and the fur is so soft that you can't resist cuddling them. They are the perfect size for little fans to cuddle and take to bed but also look great perched on a shelf in older kids' bedrooms. The girls argued (successfully) that as Pierre had taken most of the Woolly & Tig toys that we reviewed recently, these ones should be just for them !

But that's not all that is new in the world of Blue Nose Friends. There is also a brand new app out - the first one ever in fact to feature Tiny Tatty Teddy.

Called  Blue Nose Friends - Tatty Puppy, the app exists in two forms. There is a free lite version which only gives you one activity - a cute baking game where you make a Blue Nose Friend cookie then ice and decorate it. It's good to get a feel for the game and see if you think your kids will like the full app.

If you decide to buy the full app, it costs £1.99 and offers you six mini games. Tatty Puppy introduces the games and then leads players on a magical adventure through Tatty Teddy’s blue wardrobe. The great thing as a parent is that there are absolutely no in-app purchases - phew, makes a nice change !

The other games available in the full app are :

Blossom’s Skip & Jump, set in a magical woodland. Tap on the screen to get Blossom to jump over the skipping rope as many times as possible. Earn extra points by helping Blossom to jump extra high by twirling and somersaulting into the air and retrieving bonus fruit and vegetables!

Coco’s Beach Band which has seven different instruments that can be shared between the five cute beach characters to create musical harmonies.

Passion’s Magical Garden. Use the magical watering cans, plant seeds and mix colours to create a beautiful garden. Share pictures of your pretty garden with friends and family.

Cottonsocks’ Card Match which is a memory game to play on your own or with friends to see who can match the most of the Blue Nose Friends character cards.

Binky’s Hide ‘n’ Seek. Join in and play as Binky hides in the fabulous adventure playground. Find him by tilting and moving your device and earn puzzle pieces as you go!

There's also a bonus secret story that can be unlocked as you play the games.

 I asked the Madhouse mini testers how many stars they'd give the game and they said 5/5 ! The app targets players aged 4-8 so they are in the perfect age bracket.

for more information about all things Blue Nose :

Disclosure : We received some Blue Nose Toys and a code for the app in order to write an honest review.

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