Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The Collective Dairy Yogurt review

I was lucky enough to win a voucher for a free product from The Collective Dairy on Facebook recently and have just been sampling their limited edition Christmas Pud yogurt that I picked up in Tesco's with it. 

Before I even got to the yogurt itself, I was chuckling at the cheeky message hiding on the protective seal under the lid. Call me a child but I always love it when companies do this !

But things got even better once I'd taken the protective seal off. Just look at that ! The yogurt is incredibly thick and creamy and has a slightly tart flavour that is perfectly complemented by the sweet sauce drizzled over the top. This being a Christmas Pud yogurt, the topping is a blend of plump raisins in a slightly zesty Christmas-spiced sauce.

It tastes so indulgent and moreish that, determined not to wreck my healthy eating New Year's resolution on January 1st, I only allowed myself a few spoonfuls before popping it back in the fridge.

As I was so impressed, I went to their website to find out a bit more about them and was shocked to learn that not only is it probiotic to promote good digestive health but is is 95% FAT FREE ! 100g contains 135 calories and 5g of fat, of which 3.1g saturated, so it's a much lighter option than most festive fayre.

They are expensive - the 500g pot of gourmet yogurt costs about £2.50 - but it's more on par with an indulgent dessert than a yogurt so I'll definitely have to look out for the other flavours which sound equally appealing - passion fruit, Russian fudge, cherry & pomegranate, luscious lemon, mighty mango, apple & spice, rhubarb & strawberry ... Decisions decisions !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £2.39 for 500g

for more information : http://www.thecollectivedairy.com/uk

Disclosure : I won a voucher for a The Collective product on facebook and was so gobsmacked by how lovely it was, I thought I'd tell you about it, even if they didn't ask me to !

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  1. Oh nearly 2 months ago I commented on this! I am counting the day to Christmas already!


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