Friday 3 April 2015

After Ella's Kitchen, meet Paddy's Bathroom ! (review)

There was something very fishy going on when the postie called at The Madhouse last week. He dropped off a fabulous fishy Trunki Paddlepak stuffed with bathtime goodies from Paddy's Bathroom. I've no doubt you've never heard of Paddy's Bathroom - it's a brand new range that has only just hit the shelves in selected Tesco stores - but I bet you've heard of its big sister brand, Ella's Kitchen. (Juliette giggled and said that next time, it might be Georgina's Bedroom or Henry's Toilet ! I pointed out that the creator of the two companies is a dad called Paul Lindley with two children called Ella and Paddy, so we decided it was only fair that Paddy got a company named after him too !)

Pierre and Juliette both instantly recognised the Ella's Kitchen pouch design from the fruity purees that they love to slurp, so I was quick to point out that these jumbo sized ones were not to be eaten ! The packaging of all the products really appealed to them, both in the shapes and the bright colours

The contents are equally fun and appealing. The range comprises :

Squirty Stuff in Juicy Pineapples or Squishy Mangoes fragrances (RRP £4.49), both of which are utterly gorgeous. It's a foaming body wash (imagine the texture of a slightly runnier shaving foam) and the kids love using it to create foam beards, bikinis and hats before washing themselves with it ! It is an all-in-one product that can be used to wash skin and hair, which is always a bonus.

Next was Stuff For Hands (RRP £4.49) with a zingtastic Squeaky Clean Lemons fragrance that I can't get enough of, let alone the kids ! Paddy's Bathroom have understood that kids love the feel of foam (and parents love the practicality of foam too because it's less likely to run off hands and be wasted) so they've stuck with the idea and created this foaming hand wash. The Madhouse kids love the sensation of squishing the foam over their hands before running them under the tap and anything that encourages them to wash their hands more often has to be a good thing.

Staying on a lemon theme, the Stuff For Shiny Hair everyday gentle cleansing shampoo (RRP £4.49) has a lovely Squeezy Lemons fragrance too. This is absolutely perfect for Pierre's short, thick hair. It also coped with Juliette's long, fine hair but I did feel she needed a separate conditioner afterwards to help keep things sleek and tangle-free. Pierre loved putting "fruit puree" on his head (because he thought it looked like an Ella's Kitchen pouch !) and he didn't even complain when I rinsed his hair, so I'm assuming it didn't sting his eyes.

The Bubbly Stuff (RRP £5.99) in the other pouch is described as a "super duper bubbly kids' bubble bath" and we all LOVED the Tangy Tangerine fragrance. I love citrussy flavours and fragrances so I was in seventh heaven and it made supervising the kids' bathtime much less of a chore ! They loved the bubbles in the water but, to be honest, they used so much of the Squirty Stuff foam wash that they didn't really need any more - I'll be giving them an either/or ultimatum next time, rather than using both !

The final product in the line-up is the Foamy Stuff (RRP £4.49), a Rosy Apple-scented hair and body mousse that is, again, fantastic for hair sculpting and making foam clothes and beards with in the bath. (But, again, I was a killjoy and told them they already had way too many bubbles in the bath as it was so we'd put this one away until next time !)

As you'd expect from the founders of Ella's Kitchen, there are absolutely no hidden nasties in the products. They all have as many certified organic and natural ingredients in them as possible, although a very small amount of synthetics are necessary for them to work properly. They're all SLS, Paraben, Phtalate, Sulphate and GMO free and the fragrances are 100% natural.

The company's aim is to create products that make it as much fun getting clean as it was getting dirty - I'd say they've definitely succeeded ! Paddy's Bathroom products are suitable for use from 4 months of age and have been designed to be kind to sensitive skin. If that's not enough, for every Paddy's Bathroom product sold, you'll be supporting DelAgua's Rwanda Programme to help fund the distribution of home water filters, free of charge, to Rwanda's poorest households. What's not to like?!

star rating : 5/5

for more information :

Disclosure : We received the products in order to write an honest review.

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