Thursday 9 April 2015

Madhouse Diaries : The Circus Zoo

When it comes to travelling circuses, France is several decades behind the UK because they still have animals performing tricks. People are finally starting to protest about the welfare of the animals but they are a small minority that goes largely unheard. We don't go to the performances but we do usually go along to the circus zoo to see the animals in their cages and pens. They don't actually seem distressed, often coming over to see you, but I still feel very sorry for them.

Despite my misgivings, there is something slightly surreal and magical about having a zebra come over to you so you can stroke it.

They are truly magnificent animals and their markings are beautiful.

The camels aren't quite so pretty and photogenic !

They could certainly do with learning some table manners and Pierre said they needed a toothbrush !

Pierre ran past the llamas because he was worried they would spit at him !

I was surprised to see some wallabies - I wouldn't have thought of them a circus animals.

We laughed at the ostriches who came right up close to the bars and kept pecking ... then laughed even more when we saw the cheeky goats in the next pen, pulling feathers out of the ostriches' backs and eating them !

We found a big ostrich feather on the ground which Pierre decided to keep as a souvenir.

The big cats were all fast asleep.

It's always the bigger animals I feel sorry for because they have such small enclosures.

Especially the elephants who always look so sad.

The animal keeper saw us looking at the elephants and came over, raising his arm in the air so that the elephant would copy him.

Then he went to get some baguettes and gave them out so that we could feed them.

Stroking a zebra was already pretty magical but hand feeding bread to an elephant was even more unexpected !

Pierre was too scared but Sophie and Juliette had a go and were absolutely delighted !

I don't think we'll ever be this close to an elephant ever again !

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  1. Oh wow! What an amazing experience. It must have been fantastic to get so close to the animals x

  2. I love the photos of Sophie and Juliette feeding the elephants, I bet they won't forget that in a hurry. x

  3. What a fantastic experience. Those elephants are adorable!

  4. Good pictures, but I feel sorry for all those animals caged up.

  5. I remember petting a baby elephant at Woburn safari park many years ago. Amazing creatures

  6. Wow an amazing experience but yes so sad

  7. What a bittersweet and amazing experience. #countrykids

  8. It just doesn't feel right to see wild animals like this, though having said that we have wallabies and Alpaca but they don't perform any tricks, goats on the other hand I would think could be quite entertaining and really don't mind human contact. I have a feeling by the time your children grow up they won't be feeding baguettes to Elephants with their children and probably for the best. an experience to remember and tell to future generations. Thank you for sharing your quite amazing photos on Country Kids.

  9. Amazing photos but I agree it's sad to see them like this. And experience to remember though I guess :) #countrykids


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