Thursday 2 April 2015

Dunkirk Carnival Cakes - would you eat them ?!

I've told you about Dunkirk carnival before but unless you've actually seen/taken part in it, you'll never be able to understand the atmosphere. The gigantic crowds, the amazing colours of the feather boas and confetti, the ludicrous costumes, the animal heat of people crushed together in the final "rigodon" that has visible steam rising off it, the bruises that people show with pride the next day .... it's all totally crazy but, for carnival-lovers, totally addictive. It goes on for about two months in the run up to Shrove Tuesday (which is the culmination) with indoor "bals" and outdoor "bandes" going on every weekend. This year, a group of "carnavaleux" have come up with very dubious cakes to represent some of the favourite, extremely bawdy carnaval songs. Madhouse Daddy couldn't resist buying some when we had friends over.

Ahem ! Luckily everyone in Dunkirk instantly recognises them as carnaval representations so nobody is offended - even the kids got to eat them, against my better judgement (and with strict instructions not to tell their teachers - although,again, nobody would be shocked because it's all part of the local folklore and they even do carnaval, complete with some PG-rated songs, right from infant school !)

I blushed as I brought in the plates but they were greeted with roars of laughter !

I give you ... the Trou d'balle à Chantal (which means Chantal's bumhole), flavoured with rosewater because, according to the song, hers smells of roses !

The Crotte de Malo, designed to represent the dog poo that litters the streets of Dunkirk's seaside resort, Malo-les-Bains (it's chocolate mousse)

and - ahem -the Zizi de MaTante (zizi means willy and MaTante is what you call the men who dress up as (very ugly) women, as is the tradition for Dunkirk carnival)

I bet Juliette will never have another birthday cake like this ever again (or not for a good few years anyway !)


  1. Ooh err missus, an x-rated content on a family blog, lol lol. I think I'll skip it, not sure I fancy sampling a zizi or dog's poo, but it sounds like smth my kids would love

  2. Absolutely brilliant! Thanks for stopping by FrenchVillageDiaries, even after being here 11years I'm still learning so much about France and its culture through the patisseries.


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